Bochinche – 2nd visit in a week


22 Martin Road

Yes, I had brunch AGAIN and this is my second visit to Bochinche just after one week! My first eyeopening experience could be viewed here. It’s really a rarity that I chose to have brunch in two consecutive weeks and that really shows how good it is. And also I didn’t mind going back again as there are other things on the menu that I want to try but didn’t got to the other time. So I brought V here as she loves brunch and before she goes back to HK for a short break. Lets see what did I order this time.

IMG_7089Got a glass of celery and fruit juice and it was pretty cute as it’s contained in a beaker. It’s taste? Good and refreshing but I think this can be easily replicated and you can just make this at home; as good and much more. $9.

IMG_7091Yeah got the ox cheeks with churizo again as V wanna eat it. As delicious as ox cheek is really tender and sauce was thick and fragrant. Churizo wasn’t overly salty too. About $25.


IMG_7097I never like to order egg benedict in cafes as I think that they always taste very normal and maybe monotonous, especially when eaten together with ham and bacon. But this was so good! The poached eggs were definitely runny, didn’t expect anything short of that. But I didn’t expect it to be slightly spicy, and instead of boring ham and bacon, fresh meat shreds were placed at the bottom with really savoury sauce that goes so well with the yolk. Ok, this, I think is the best poached egg meal that I’ve ever had and wouldn’t mind having again. Really delish! About $25.

IMG_7098Cinnamon bun? No, it actually is ham and cheese and costs $9. It looks so inviting on the tray but I started to regret after knowing that it is ham and cheese as I thought that is really a common and normal combination. But I felt so lucky that I ordered it after all as I would regret even more if I didn’t. It was soooo good! Even though V didn’t want to eat it, she couldn’t stop after having one bite. The winner bit lies in the pastry really. Very fragrant definitely and super soft, and slightly airy. It has this peculiar texture as it is not just one big bun but made up of many different layers. That is what makes it so unique and super fluffy. Super fragrant with an awesome texture, the savoury ham and cheese are scattered between the layers and it was just very delicious. I got quite hyped up by this seemingly boring pastry actually. Yummy!

IMG_7099And then it’s time for desserts. So got the creme brulee with banana ice cream. Very soft and creamy creme brulee and the torched caramel on top was thin, crispy and not overly sweet. The banana ice cream too is thick and fragrant and goes well with the creme brulee beneath it. $17.

IMG_7100Got the milk cake with passion fruit sorbet. Milk cake was really delicious, quite dense yet still soft and the almonds go very well with it. The milky sauce makes the cake slightly creamier and tasty. The passion fruit sorbet was slightly sweet and actually very sour that makes it really refreshing. $14.

Bochinche definitely impressed me but did it impress my brunch lover friend V? It is an unequivocal yes! Best brunch ever again and I think Bochinche brunch hasn’t disappointed any of my friends before. It seems to me that the whole menu is perfect actually as I haven’t gotten something I didn’t much like over these two weeks. So each of us spent about $58 and yes, it isn’t exactly cheap but we felt that it’s really worth it. And she would recommend ppl to go here in future. Great Sunday brunch!

4 thoughts on “Bochinche – 2nd visit in a week

  1. jaytjk says:

    Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

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