The Scholar

The Scholar

NUSS Guild House

IMG_7103I didn’t know that NUS has a pretty good Chinese restaurant until today. It’s located in the Guild house which I think is for the alumni? Not too sure though as I wasn’t from there. So, it was a farewell lunch for one of the colleagues and we had the set menu there!

IMG_7106We got the Peking duck and this restaurant only serves the skin wrapped in the wrap while the meat is stir fried together with the noodles. Duck skin was pretty good as it was flavourful and quite crispy. Condiments added into the wrap were cucumber and leek. Though leek was huge, it wasn’t pungent at all which was good. The wrap though, was a little thick I thought.

IMG_7108Next came the crab meat soup with fish maw. Added vinegar and pepper to it and I thought this is a good substitute for shark fin soup as it still retains the seafood flavour. Fish maw has a springy texture while crab meat was fresh.

IMG_7109Stir fried beef in black pepper. Beef was tender but it wasn’t those kind of medium rare tender and like what my colleague said, tenderiser was added. This is commonly added in most restaurants I believe as it’s the fastest way to make beef tender even though it’s fully cooked. This dish was a little oily I felt.

IMG_7110Steamed catfish with some minced shrimp and finely diced ginger. The sauce was tasty, with sesame oil added to it and I like the minced stuff and it went well with the tender meat, making it even more flavourful. Fish was well cooked as it didn’t taste dry. This way of steaming fish felt very teochew actually.

IMG_7112This is prawns on top of super silky tofu with some bean sauce on top. I thought it would be better if the bean sauce wasn’t added as it was a little salty and the dish would have been fragrant enough on its own. The prawns were slightly smashed so that they don’t lose its springiness. Good tofu dish here.

IMG_7114Chinese spinach with mushrooms and abalone. They are quite generous with their abalone actually and were sliced into really huge pieces. I am also a mushroom and vegetables lover and so this dish was good for me.

IMG_7117The dessert for the set menu was mashed yam (or ni). They try to make it different by adding bits of orange skin and some nuts in it. While it may appear to look healthier, I didn’t really like the colour of it. There’s still the fundamental taste of or ni but isn’t as fragrant. Still prefer the traditional grey or ni with ginko nuts.

IMG_7116We didn’t have enough desserts, and so got the egg tarts and liu sa bao from the dim sum menu. Yeah, they have a dim sum menu for lunch. The egg tart wasn’t good I felt as the pastry was too dry and custard wasn’t really fragrant.

ScholarBut when the liu sa bao came, it was awesome. Very thick, buttery fragrant liu sa in it while bun in fluffy and soft. Really like how my friend pressed one of the buns with liu sa oozing out. *toink toink* One of the better liu sa bao I’ve had really.

So after having lunch at The Scholar restaurant, I felt that it is more of a teochew restaurant than Cantonese one though dim sum is served for lunch. The set menu displays quite a lot of teochew cooking styles and they were made quite well. I like the steamed catfish, tofu and vegetables most while liu sa bao is the clear winner for dessert. Really quite a good restaurant in NUS! So, NUS people can try out this place if you are tired of canteen food.

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