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Firstly, would like to thank Annabelle and Janet for the warm invitation to a really fun and interesting tea party at House. They have recently launched a new dessert menu and I was lucky enough to have been asked to try out their cakes. And as I know this is something Q will love most, I got her on board. A short introduction about House: it is part of the mega group called spa esprit group which consists of five spa and a group of pretty well known eateries such as: tiong bahru bakery, common man coffee roasters, bochinche and tippling club (In Asia’s best 50 2014). After having really good experiences at two of their restaurants, I was looking forward to this invite as the restaurants under the spa esprit group seems to be consistently good.


House has a pretty nice interior which feels very idyllic and is located in a very relaxing area. Their new dessert menu is really to bring back traditional cakes to the menu. Simple without any complex techniques used. I like it as it reminds me of the English days we had in Cambridge when you have one long table filled with humongous, creamy, delicious cakes, pies and tarts.

HouseWe got these two drinks to go with our cakes. The left is pear with celery which is refreshing and makes you feel healthy while the right is watermelon mint. It literally tastes like watermelon and mint which was not bad.

And then the full blast – cakes!

IMG_7153-001Luscious mango coconut passion fruit cake. $9.50 per slice. This is one of my favourite actually. Apart from the outside, there’re dessicated coconut bits in the cake as well which makes it really fragrant. The mango and passion fruit flavour makes it slightly refreshing. Fragrant yet refreshing, it really is a combination that will make you want to eat more even though it may be a calorie bomb. Love the mango bits at the top of the cake as well.

IMG_7154Key Lime pie that costs $8.50 per slice. This cake really fits its name, very strong lime flavour in it and you are bound to salivate after having one bite as the sourness will definitely excite your salivary glands. I really like the intense sour taste but if you don’t like sour stuff then have it with the slightly sweet cream which would balance out the taste. The tart is made from digestive thus is a little bitty. A delicious pie indeed.

IMG_7169-001Imagine eating a slice of orange blossom carrot cake while reading Enid Blyton, feels really simple and blissful doesn’t it. At $9.50 a slice, this humongous three tier cake is really worth it and very delicious. It actually is one of my favourites. I love carrot cake and I like the rendition from House as they added orange to it which really complements the taste. It does not have two separate tastes but more of a taste which is not merely one-dimensional. Yummy carrot cake and it’s still very moist within.

IMG_7163Lemon curd cheesecake at $9.50 a slice. Oh, this is also another sour cake which suits my taste bud. It isn’t overly cheesy and you definitely wouldn’t feel queasy and stuffed after having it. I had half a slice and I still had space for other cakes. The sourness does the job I feel. The inside is quite dense yet feels soft. Delicious.

IMG_7156Then we have the snickers tart with caramelised peanuts at $8.50. This literally tastes like snickers and as a snickers fan, I really like this tart. It really is a tart with a satisfying crunch and the caramel will definitely satisfy those with sweet tooth. Tart was of the right thickness as well.

IMG_7159Bitter chocolate tart. It didn’t taste very bitter and actually felt really rich. The inside is really thick and rich in chocolate while the crust of the tart is thin. The chocolate cream on top is smooth and soothing. A really good tart for chocolate lovers.


IMG_7188This is salted caramel toastie with caramel biscuit ice cream and crunchy caramelised walnuts for $15. Ice cream served on a warm toastie sounds simple and delicious while the walnuts make it slightly more fragrant and adds a crunchy texture to it. Brioche was soft yet not overly buttery while ice cream was creamy and sweet.

IMG_7180-001And we have the banana coconut pecan cake that costs $9.50. The texture is similar to that of the carrot cake. It has a slightly strong banana fragrance while the coconut makes it aromatic. The cake is quite moist which is good.

IMG_7189And finally, (yeah I used the word finally as I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of sweets, very generous hosts we have here) we have the warm sticky date pudding for $12. I love this date pudding as pudding is moist and fluffy, and has an aroma when you chew on it. Caramel ice cream is the same as that used in the toastie and goes really well with the pudding. I actually could have the whole pudding on my own despite it being the last ‘course’.


So, Q and I had a really lovely time at House. It was really a cake galore. She went crazy while I was just overwhelmed by the size and types of cakes. Though the cakes were very delicious, we couldn’t finish everything, so all of us da bao some home as it is really good and wanted to let our friends and families try. My friend and parents tried the da bao cakes and though they have already been out for a while, still taste as delicious. I really like the concept of House, that is going back to traditional cakes and allowing people to enjoy an authentic English afternoon tea. It definitely seems that spa esprit group has a range of good restaurants tied firmly under its belt. Would really recommend you to go here for their cakes if you are bored of the usual places for afternoon tea. Really idyllic and English style, this is a good way to while your lazy afternoon away. Once again, a big thank you to our lovely hosts Annabelle and Janet and their generosity!

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