Man Fu Yuan

Man Fu Yuan

Intercontinental hotel


Have always heard really good reviews about the dim sum at Man Fu Yuan and was pretty excited to try it today. They have a buffet that cost $80-ish per person and I always feel that dim sum shouldn’t cost past $50 unless it really is very good, like those at Cassia (that has the standard of HK michelin). Therefore, I decided to go for the ala carte menu and we only paid $147 for three people which is pretty reasonable. So how did the dim sum here fare?

IMG_7213Go the teochew steamed dumplings. Have been seeing this in quite a lot of restaurants recently. Skin is just of the right thickness and doesn’t stick to your teeth while there are quite a lot of fillings in it like meat and nuts. It has a springy and crunchy texture.

IMG_7214This mango and chicken tart is really good! Tart was really soft and fluffy while chicken is super fragrant and savoury. The top cap is the mango flavoured crust. Super delicious. The mango thing felt like polo and I believe it’s mango mixed in butter. Very fragrant combination indeed.

IMG_7216Duck with yam spring roll. Fillings in it was substantial with quite a lot of duck meat and yam is definitely distinctive. However, I found it just a little dry. If it’s slightly more moist, it would taste much better.



Fish meat ball which tasted not bad. There wasn’t much surprises in it, just that it really is made of mostly meat and tasted quite Q.

IMG_7220The scallop siu mai. Prawns used is really fresh and succulent while scallop tasted sweet and fresh. Very good siu mai over here.

IMG_7222Char Siew bun felt a little normal. Very soft and fluffy bun while char siew is moist, warm and savoury. However, I thought it could be packed with more char siew.

IMG_7225I like this superior dumpling broth. Has a huge dumpling in it. I realised that more and more chinese restaurants are doing this kind of mega dumpling in super sweet and rich broth. There’s meat, scallops and prawns in it. Very delicious I felt and broth is so fragrant. Dumpling skin is very soft and silky. Yummy.

IMG_7227The stir fried e-fu noodles with seafood is a winner. Fish, squid and scallops were fresh. I especially like the scallop which still taste moist, springy and isn’t overcooked. The noodles were so nice to slurp up and the sauce it is cooked in is so fragrant and delicious. I could eat the noodles on its own.

Man fu yuanThen came the desserts. Ordered the custard layered cake which was really soft, fluffy and fragrant. The cake had this *toink toink* texture and would wobble when you shake the basket. Yummy custard cake.

IMG_7230Had the avocado cream with ice cream. Ice cream makes the avocado cream creamier, sweeter and richer in taste.


IMG_7232I like these sesame balls as it has really smooth and fragrant lotus in it with banana. The glutinous rice skin is really chewy while the sesame seeds on it makes it very fragrant. Love this combination and it’s something that I wouldn’t mind eating more.

So how did Man Fu Yuan fare. It was not bad I felt, but didn’t beat my favourite Wah Lok and Cyrstal Jade dining in. So luckily, we didn’t get the buffet as I wouldn’t think it will be worth the price. It is still a good cantonese dim sum restaurant to go to if you want to have a change of restaurants but not one that is so outstanding that I would go back for more. Service here is a little mixed actually, while some are really good and attentive there was this lady who’s quite moody and really cannot serve well. So this week was really full of binging and it’s time to start work tomorrow!




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