Akasaka Tantei

Akasaka Tantei – Okinawan restaurant with one Michelin star

Near Roppongi metro

DSC_0006Located along a quiet street, Akasaka Tantei is a really cute Okinawan restaurant that has one michelin star. As I have never had okinawan food before, I wanted to give it a try and booked this online. Service is as always, really good and personal. The waitress felt sorry that she couldn’t explain all the dishes to us clearly in English but we told her it’s ok as she has provided us with an English menu.

DSC_0012And we had the Bijin set menu which only costs 1800 yen per set. I thought of getting the other set but they only have this set as it was full house that day. Oh well, that’s alright as the other sets are more expensive anyway. So, I get to save some money. This set was served really beautifully. Everything looks simple, but gorgeous. The platter has many different dishes, each with their own distinct taste; I think this is what that makes it so special.

DSC_0011The vegetable box. This tasted healthy and there’s bitter gourd tempura in it. To its right is lotus in dashi soup which tastes savoury yet not overpowering.

Tokyo march 2014From left clockwise: tofu with salted fish (fish was intensely salted but not an unpalatable kind of salty. It still tastes delicious as it is counterpoised by the light tasting and silky tofu. Collagen jelly (Very wobbly and smooth jelly which tastes really fragrant, the cartilege in it is crunchy and nice to chew on, delicious) Peanut tofu: This is a very good dessert I felt. Presentation is definitely very pretty. Tofu is soft but slightly dense in the middle and every bit of the tofu is infused with a light peanut fragrance which is not overpowering at all as I think the focus is on the tofu. Very delicious indeed. And we have the bijin juice on the bottom left. Slightly sweeter-than-norm juice but it’s not due to added sugar that makes it sweet, but rather the fruit that it is made from is genuinely sweet.

DSC_0015Love the presentation of this rice. So pretty and lightly fragrant. This is refillable by the way, reminds me of how you can get unlimited bread from French restaurants.

DSC_0020The super fragrant tofu soup. Tofu is gigantic and though not the silky type, is still delectable as it’s humongous and felt home made. The miso paste that is used to brew this soup felt really fresh, not at all like those you have from normal restaurants. I don’t finish miso soup usually but this bowl of miso, I practically downed it all. The condiments used also made it aromatic. Yummy!




We had the hibiscus and Okinawan tea. Very fragrant and really helps to calm your nerves.


So this meal was indeed excellent, there’s also a small sweet potato dish in it which is uber sweet and fresh. The sweetness tasted really natural and I was really impressed with that. Definitely, no artificial flavouring was used in this set. Japanese are really clever at making such great meals. Am so looking forward to more of such restaurants in this trip. One thing to note about this place is that every customer gets his/her own room and you will have to remove your shoes outside before you go in. Feels so traditional, doesn’t it and of course service is also very personal and kind. A recommended restaurant to go to!

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