Bakery and Table

Bakery and table at Mottohakone. We got to this place after taking the ropeway from souzan and then the pirate boat.

Very zen and cute looking bakery that serves really fragrant and elegant bread. The cafe faces lake ashinoko and you could slowly sip your coffee away and while away your time just like that. So zen and relaxing, isnt it.



We got the hakone bun, tofu bread and matcha bun.


The hakone one tastes savoury and has mushrooms, tomatoes and some bacon like meat in it. Very delicious as the crust is also slightly crispy. The tofu bread is light tasting which is a big contrast to hakone bun. Fluffy and has a light tofu fragrance, this bun is yummy.


The green tea bun is also fluffy and the green tea paste in it isnt overly sweet at all. Paste was smooth and doesn’t make your stomach bloated. There are also some raisins on top. Really good bun here.

So this place serves really good buns. You get them from the first level and then can sit in the cafe on the second floor. It closes at 530pm. You can also choose to have them at them at the foot bath which faces the lake; foot bath closes at 5. So pretty and zen isnt it. I am just so loving japan, even if its busy tokyo!



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