Nagasaka Sarashina

Nagasaka Sarashina

Takashimaya at Shinjuku station

And so we got to takashimaya at shinjuku. Takashimaya here is much more upmarket than the one in singapore, from the boutique shops to the food hall at B1. Really beautiful food display they have and I just felt like getting all of them when I was there. They also have discounts for the bento boxes and other foods after a certain time.


So we went to this restaurant, Nagasaka Sarashima, which I have been to four years ago as it was really good when I was there then. Got the special soba set for 2200 yen. Soba set comes with tempura as well as an okayu (poreidge) pot.



The special thing about this soba is That you get two different sauces., sweet and spicy. Add them both together in a small glass to adjust the taste to your liking. Then dip the noodles and slurp it up. It was really delicious. Very fragrant and I love the slight sweetness from the sauce.


The tempura was well and lightly fried. Batter was light while prawn is super huge n fresh.


The duck meat porridge really blew me away. It was simple but very refreshing as yuzu skin is used as one of the condiments. Rice was round and has a good texture while soup was really fragrant. Really good take on porridge. Yummy!


Then at the end of the meal, boiling water is added to your soba sauces and the tradition is to drink some of it. So delicious! Like always, this restaurant has shown the spirit of japanese food. Simple yet refined and delicious. Really recommend this soba set if you are not sure of what to have at takashimaya. Service here is also superb and personal too!


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