Souzen Street food

Hakone part II – Souzan Street Food

So after Gora, we went up to Souzan where the sulfur onzen is.






When you are here, you need to get the black chicken egg which is cooked in the onzen heat. According to them, each egg will prolong your life by 7 years. A real good marketing strategy I thought and I wasnt spared from it.




So we got 5 eggs for 500 yen and I had two. Its interesting that the egg yolk tasted sweeter and denser than normal ones. Umai ne!

And they have so many food stores there. Everything looks so delish, like egg yolk soft ice cream, kuromonjyaman amd wasabi ice cream etc. I got the latter two.


The kuromonjyaman is said to be very famous in japan, according to one of the posters with their artistes recommending it. Black bun and in it, the fillings were actually yakisoba type of fillings. Really fragrant and not oily at all. Yummy!


The wasabi soft ice cream was another hit. Wasnt pungent at all and the ice cream was so soft and smooth. It is slightly sweet and theres only a light wasabi aftertaste. All of us love it! Also bought two boxes of wasabi waffle biscuits which taste really good when I had the samples.




Had this pan fried squid cake and it was so delicious. Cake was springy, really Q and there were squid bits in it. Sauce was so fragrant and savoury and it definitely makes a wonderful street food.

So, dont miss these good street food when you are in hakone area as they are so oishii!


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