Cheap eats in Tokyo

Cheap eats in Tokyo.

So this post shall be dedicated to the cheaper eats that you can get in tokyo and yet without compromising on quality.

The first would be Sukiya and dont get it wrong, it doesn’t have any affiliation with the one in sg. The one over here operates like yoshinoya and late into the night. Was feeling hungry yesterday after disneyland and it was quite late. Luckily sukiya near our station is still open and theres only a guy manning the whole shop, from cooking to serving to settling the bill. V efficient indeed.





Got the beef udon suki nabe with rice set while G got the beef set with tofu. Sukiyaki sauce makes everything slightly sweeter yet delicious and savoury. Together with the yuzu Sauce, its quire delicious indeed. This set costs 630 yen while the tofu set costs 330 yen. Cheap indeed for a meal.


So along the side streets at any station, you will see lots of restaurants like holes in the wall. There are many restaurants in tokyo that sells combo meals. Full of carbs and really cheap. So u get what you want from a ticket machine. Choose your preferred set, throw your money in and then pass the ticket to the chef.



So I got the ramen with three kind of meats and a small beef bowl. The beef bowl is quite oily and salty while the broth of the ramen is quite salty too. But still taste flavourful and palatable. Ok if you want to settle for a simpler meal.


We also got the gyoza that is Outstanding we thot. Super huge and theres substantial filling in it. The skin also was nicely pan fried with a crispy skin. Looks tantalising doesnt it.

So these are the few cheap and reliable eats you can have in tokyo. Yoshinoya here is also pretty good. Somehow I find food here is cheaper n nicer than sg if you compare like to like!


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