Maisen tonkatsu

In order to make this food trip more complete, tonkatsu is a must eat. There are two more popular tonkatsu restaurants over here, one would be tonki at meguro which has a long history while the other would be maisen which serves the more modern tonkatsu that is fluffy and super crispy.

So K and I got the kurobuta and mixed platter set for 2100 yen each. The kuributa looks so thick and juicy doesnt it and indeed it tasted so. Really delicious when eaten together with the tonkatsu sauce. Sauce was thick and fragrant. Its interesting that such sauces always taste similar but yet you know that they are different, its like different levels of teriyaki.



Each slice looks so mouth watering and inviting. Yummy! Bread crumbs Were really crispy and the interesting thing is that it doesnt feel oily at all. It must be a calorie bomb still but there was no oil below the holey metal support used to hold the slice of pork.


So for the moriawase or platter set. You can use the sauces provided at the side of the table. There are spicy, sweet sauces, mustard and ponzu sauce (in the middle) for your cabbage. We have prawn, mushroom, scallop, pork cutlet and fish for the moriawase. Oh, and I must specially mention the mayonnaise at the side as it is filled with egg bits and is really delicious. Its a fragrant egg mayo.

DSC_0283Added both the sweet and spicy sauce and everything tasted so delicious. They may look similar, just a bunch of brown stuff but every single piece taste different. The fish was not just a fish fillet I think as It seems to have cream added to it as well. Fish was really soft and smooth. The prawn tasted really fresh and succulent! Scallop is fresh as well while the sweet potato has a natural sweetness. Mushroom is slightly springy and has a good texture. Bread crumbs are so crispy really. Really good platter indeed.


This place is really a good place to go too for such a reasonable price. So please try this restaurant if you need to satisfy your tonkatsu craving. Oh, and you can get the waitress to refill your cabbage and rice for free, as always, they are so willing to do so.


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