Akasaka fukinuki

Akasaka fukinuki

Takashimaya at shinjuku station

This is where I had a good lesson on how to eat an unagi don the traditional (right) way. As this is the only unagi place I’ve been to, I doubt it is the best but is good enough for me already.



My set.

DSC_0383The Japanese pepper.

DSC_0386The unagi rice.


You can choose different unagi sizes if you get the ala carte menu and its more expensive than the lunch set. There were two lunch sets; the cheaper one costs 1800 yen while the more expensive one is 2300 yen. While the cheaper one is just unagi rice, the more expensive one has three different ways of eating. The unagi is soft and really slightly crisp on the outside. Its soft and moist as it was steamed before grilling it. Sauce was fragrant and of the roght sweetness and thickness.Rice is rotund, slightly sticky and uniformly cooked. It feels really good when you can scoop the rice with your chopsticks together with a portion of the unagi! The first way of eating it is to simply sprinkle some japanese pepper onto it. The pepper has a slight flower fragrance to me and makes your tongue goes slightly numb. Its like the peppercorn sichuan ppl loves to use but much milder and more fragrant. This gave the meat a fragrance smell.



Preparing for the next bowl!DSC_0395

The second way: sprinkle the pepper corn and then spring onions and nori onto it. Nori and spring onions make the dish even more fragrant and delicious.

DSC_0396Pouring the boiling water into the rice!


The third way is to eat it as an okayu or porridge dish. So its like the second method but you will need to add wasabi to it before pouring boiling water into it. Though bland, it is delicious in its own right. You could taste the freshness of the unagi and everythinf felt v healthy yet still hearty. If you think its a little too Bland, add more wasabi into it and thag should solve the problem.

So, after trying the three different ways of eating unagi don, my favourite would be the second one as it is more flavourful than the first and not as bland as the third. G however prefers the third way as its warm and soothing and makes you satisfied. This is indeed an eye opener, a lesson learnt for the seemingly simple unagi rice that we can find easily in sg.


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