Restaurant Taimeiken たいめいけん

Restaurant Taimeiken


Today is indeed a queuing day. Japanese love to queue too, dont they. K suggested going to this omurice place which was featured on youtube. I think the really interesting part is when you slice open the omelette and from it oozes out the runny egg.


We ordered a beef steak rice from the lunch menu which costs about 800 yen and two omurice as everyone has to order at least a main. We didn’t want to get three omurice as we will be walking to our next food destination after lunching here. It was a binging day indeed. The steak looks thick, juicy and really inviting but after having my first bite, I concluded that this place may only be good for it’s omurice. The beef patty was bitty as most beef patty would be in fast food chains. That is alright for me but there was a weird taste in it and I didn’t like it. So I stopped having it after trying two peices.


So here comes the omu rice which has tomato rice underneath the fat omelette.

Lets see how it goes when we slice open that wobbly piece of omelette.


It oozed out a little.


DSC_0567Sadly the runny egg within didn’t gush out like what was shown on youtube but what matters most really is the taste. The runny egg within felt thick, creamy and fragrant. Chicken cube is tender while the tomato rice is tasty and went well with the egg. It’s apparently very difficult to make this kind of omelette as a lot of skill is required to prevent the inside from hardening while cooking. Its really delicious when eaten with ketchup on top of it if you prefer to have a heavier tomato taste. The ketchup makes it even more delicious as it makes it more flavourful. This actually felt like a comfort food to me and I quite like it.

DSC_0568Really love to have everything in one spoonful! yums!

This would be a recommended place to go to if you want some cute Japanese comfort food. And rest assure that the omurice here is delicious, the queue says quite a lot. Each plate costs about 1500 yen. It actually felt quite fun to queue with the Japanese! When we were walking towards there, we noticed a big Japanese group was about to join the queue and we quickly ran over and got in front of them! haha!


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