Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

Raumen museum



And yes, its time for a ramen day and it would be good to go to the yokohama ramen museum if you want to try different kinds of ramen. The ramen museum tickets costs 300 yen to get in and it’s really quirky inside there I thought as they try to bring you back to olden Japan. Feels really man made and dark but cute in a way. There are nine different types there such as the tonkotsu, miso, shio, tsukemen etc and if you want to try as many different types as possible you will need fo strategise. No sharing is allowed and you need to order one set per person. Luckily there’s mini version for all the restaurants! So get that and enjoy as many different flavours as possible.

Ganja Restaurant



Got the tsukemen here. My first time having tsukemen actually and I loved it the moment I had it. Noodles are thick and really al dante. Love that texture and feels so good to slurp it up your bowl. So what you do is you Will dip your noodles into the bowl of broth provided and then just slurp it up. Noodles is slightly chilled while broth is warm. Broth was really thick and flavourful. It was slightly on the saltier side tho so do not drink the broth unless you want to get dehydration. It really is meant for dipping. Umai neh as the noodles are coated with the fragrant sauce.

Komurasaki Restaurant



Then of course we didnt miss tonkotsu and we headed there immediately. This place serves a lighter version of tonkotsu. It may be delicious to the more health concious but not to those who loves really thick and oily broth. If you want a thicker broth, then you mah want to visit toride. The richness and thickness of the broth and noodles are stated in the brochure. So choose according to your preference. Though the tonkotsu was lighter in flavour,  it still worked for me and G. Noodles is springy while soup is made more fragrant with fried diced garlic sprinkled on top. A good bowl of ramen too even though its lighter than expected.

Sumire Restaurant



This place serves really thick miso broth ramen. The thickness came from the layer of oil above it and yeah I wasn’t able to bring myself to drink the soup. The noodles were springy and curly and nice to chew on. Taste of this miso ramen is the heaviest I thought. Though it felt unhealthy, I still enjoyed slurping and chewing on these noodles. Miso ramen seems to be quite rare in sg, so maybe you would want to give this a try if you are here.


So initially I thought that this will be a place full of ang mor and tourists but I was wrong as there apparently are quite a lot of Japanese around but They may be japanese from other parts of japan. So I felt more assured of the quality after I see quite a number of japanese patronising the museum. I like the setting of the whole place as it tries to bring you back to old japan. Looks touristy but i’m fine with it. And so my favourite ramen would be the tsukemen. Maybe cos thats the first time I had it but I really like the fat, springy and chilled noodles. Great meal at the ramen museum!

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