Standing Sushi Bar

Standing Sushi Bar

Near Bras Basar Station

It’s really funny that on google map, Standing sushi bar is showed to be on Waterloo street instead of Queen Street. So trust the exact address and if you seem to have missed the spot, it actually is not by queen street road, but behind one of the shops facing queen street. So, one may miss it easily.

Have heard about this place and people have been liking it a lot of facebook as I think they have really reasonable lunches at almost unbeatable prices but I am not too sure as I went for lunch on a Saturday. The moment I stepped in, the whole restaurant felt like a sushi restaurant in the Nordic countries, like the one I had in Iceland. I don’t know why but the interior decor felt like one. Maybe cause it doesn’t have any Japanese decorations or paintings as it is meant to be like a take-away place initially which explains the name of the restaurant. So lets see if it is really so likeable!

DSC_0718Got the fried salmon skin that costs $4. The fried skin is crispy but didn’t taste super fragrant. It felt a little hollow somehow and didn’t have the oomph feeling when you chew on one. The better fish skin I had before was at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant as the skin there felt more substantial, fragrant and delicious. And that was actually on the house.

DSC_0711Got the rockstar sushi roll for about $17 which has salmon and mentaiko sauce on top of it. I felt that the mentaiko sauce together with the salmon worked really well and made this maki delicious. Mentaiko sauce makes it more savoury, slightly saltier yet not overly salty. It felt more heavy tasting and fragrant with the sauce. However, I felt that there could be more fillings and rice for this price. A good example would be Koh Grill & Sushi Bar; they also have 8 pieces for their shiok maki at the same price but has much more fillings and a little more rice. While Koh Grill does ura maki, standing sushi bar does a simple maki and I think the ura maki will make people find it more substantial as the taste could linger longer in one’s mouth. For this, I think Koh Grill wins.

DSC_0717So lets go to the mains and this bento box costs $22. There’s sashimi, stir fried beef and grilled fish. Sashimi is fresh while the stir fried beef is fragrant. I am pretty sure that this will cost about $15 in Japan. The wasabi is not bad though as it’s not too spicy.

DSC_0710And I got the oyako don set. Again, this is overpriced I felt at $15 with miso soup, some radish and two slices of watermelon. I am sure that this could have been made into a weekday lunch bento for just $10. Though it was known to be a set, I felt that I am paying $15 for just the oyako don. Watermelon, 2 slices or radish and miso soup really doesn’t make up a set. If it really is, then there should be potato salad, some delicious sweet greens as appetisers. If there’s some tempura, then maybe it can be sold for $20? It just feels quite a rip off to pay $15 for an oyako don. The quality is still decent though as egg is fragrant and chicken is tender. The sauce it is cooked in is slightly sweet yet still fragrant. This can actually be replaced with suki yaki sauce if you want to make it on your own.

So, I am really not sure if this restaurant deserves so many likes as I feel that there’s still room for improvement even though the taste is decent and correct. However, if they do really have much cheaper pricing for weekdays lunch or so, then just go for it as the quality is good. I think just avoid the set if possible as the ‘side dishes’ are really not worth the price. It was still a not bad lunch with S and we paid about $30 each. I guess I am slightly more critical about Japanese restaurants now in sg as I know I can get cheaper and much more and better quality set menus in Tokyo which is famously known for its high cost of living. Indeed, sg restaurants are really expensive, considering that we can beat the prices of Tokyo restaurants.

Verdict: An above average restaurant.


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