Siam Society

Siam Society

Near Serangoon MRT

Siam Society is one of the newer Thai restaurants. Located in a private estate, one may assume that business may be pretty quiet but actually it is really busy. It was almost full house and the whole place was really boisterous with many family gatherings. There were also some gwei lou over there and I think they must be quite a foodie to actually make the effort to come all the way to this part of Serangoon for Thai food. So met B up for lunch and it really has been a while, I think we haven’t met after we have left London for 2 years though he kept insisting that we met at NEX once which I vaguely remembered. Housemates previously, there were indeed a lot to catch up after such a long while!

DSC_0714So we got four dishes and the first is papaya salad. Well made salad here as everything was crunchy while not overly hard. The fish sauce used made it savoury while the chilli padi is fiery hot. I had to rest for a while after having it as it really is quite spicy. However, I think that Thais would prefer such salad to be as spicy or even spicer. The dried shrimps also added fragrance to the salad. $9.90.

DSC_0711The penang chicken was really yummy I felt. It wasn’t in their specialty list but thought it was good. Chicken is tender while the sauce is slightly on the thicker side and really fragrant. It didn’t taste diluted at all and I love the herbal leaves on top of it as it makes the taste of this dish not one dimensional. It makes the chicken taste slightly herbal and refreshing while still savoury and the sauce goes well with the rice. $12.90.

DSC_0710Got the small seafood tomyum soup. Really spicy soup there and I actually coughed as I drank it too quickly. So be careful if you were to order this soup. Still, it’s very intense and spicy. Will definitely tickle your salivary glands as you smell the aroma from the soup. Mushrooms are soft and delicious while the prawns are pretty good too even though it isn’t tiger prawns. The calamari in it though, tasted a little not so fresh I felt but still passable. Pretty good bowl of tom yum soup though I couldn’t bring myself to finish it as I will get a burnt tongue if I were to. We got the small one for $10.90.

DSC_0715Then we got this salted egg cuttlefish which sounds delish! The sauce is definitely good for eating with rice. It tasted similar to liu sa bao as the yolk is really rich and thick but slightly more savoury and saltier as it is stir fried with spring onions and onions. I guess they may have got this idea from zichar stalls which sometimes cook things in salted egg to make the dish more fragrant and savoury. Indeed, it worked however the taste only stopped on the outside of the cuttlefish as it has not penetrated into it. It would have been more wholesome and enjoyable if it every bit of the cuttlefish has the fragrant salted yolk taste. Nevertheless, B kept sipping on the sauce and I told him he should get some bread or man tou to go with the sauce. Make you own liu sa bao indeed. $14.90.

So, it was still a really enjoyable meal and though improvements can still be made to some of the dishes, I thought this restaurant is already a good restaurant to go to and definitely has added more choices to the Thai culinary scene in sg. Have realised that they have increased the menu prices after looking at other blogs and hope that they will stop at this price as I find this pricing is still reasonable. Any higher and it may drop into the maybe-not-so-worth-it category. So, if you want to visit a more interesting Thai place yet do not want to squeeze with the crowd, then Siam Society is a recommended place to go to!

Also not to forget it was a really enjoyable lunch with B as we caught up a lot really and after this we went on to satisfy our sweet tooth at Udders!

Verdict: A good restaurant.



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