Penny University

Penny University

Joo Chiat


And so after Tian Tian Chicken Rice, we walked up the road to have some good desserts at Penny University. This is my second time here and you can visit the post on my first visit here. To sum up, I didn’t like the mains at this cafe the other time but desserts here are pretty good I felt. There was a slight miscommunication between me and V and we crazily ordered 3 cakes instead of two. I’m not a glutton k!

DSC_0725Being an avid coffee drinker, V got a small cup of coffee for $5.50. She commented on how fragrant the roasted coffee beans were upon entering the cafe. And when we saw the word ‘Manmouth’, we assumed that the coffee would be good as this brand is well known in the UK. Indeed, she liked this cup of coffee.

DSC_0717Got my favourite lemon and strawberry meringe. Meringe was really smooth and slightly creamy while the lemon tart tasted very sour which I like a lot as it keeps my appetite open.

DSC_0722Avocado cheesecake which V liked most. The name of this cake definitely sounds appealing as interesting ingredients are used here. The cake was creamy while there’s a pretty strong avocado taste in it. Cake is a little too dense for me I felt. I think I am intoxicated with Japanese cheesecake and this one did not appeal much to me. Actually, I would prefer an oreo cheesecake to this.

DSC_0718The coconut zucchini cake was marvellous. Have zucchini in your cake? Rare isn’t it. I guess the green bits hidden in the cake are the zucchini bits. The coconut in it tasted really fragrant while the sponge is quite fluffy and isn’t too dense. The best part is actually the cream on top and in between the whole cake as really makes the cake even more delicious. The almond bits also added an extra crunch to it. This cake actually reminded me of the coconut cake I had at House which serves really delicious coconut cakes as well.

So, it was quite a pigging out lunch for both of us as we kept scouring the whole of Joo Chiat for food. That area is really quite a vibrant place in terms of food and definitely has quite a lot to explore. So, yes, Penny University is once again, a good place to hang out at if you stay in the East and don’t want to get caught in the crowded town area.

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