Purvis Street near Bugis MRT

DSC_0752Sprigs is a really new restaurant along Purvis Street. Serving French cuisine in a chic environment, this restaurant caught my eye. The interior is really relaxing and I love the art pieces on the wall. I am definitely no art person but walking into this restaurant makes me feel relaxed immediately upon stepping in. V and I were given a huge table that can sit 6 people and that made our day. Almost Everything about this restaurant is good and I shall leave that elaboration to the last.

DSC_0755We were served warm bread with butter and salt. I could smell truffle oil emanating from the butter. A clever way to serve their bread in. V loved the bread and finished most of it as she was famished. I was still a little full from my Easter high tea at Marketplace then.

DSC_0756For our starters, we got the grilled langoustine for $26 to share. Love the slightly thick and fragrant sauce and the meat comes off the langoustine so easily. You just need to use your fork to give it a slight tug and the whole piece will be out. I like meat that can be removed so easily and that means it’s fresh too. The langoustine may be a little small but then again this is a starter and I have no complains. And actually, there were quite a substantial number of langoustine in it and that will make your $26 worth it. I like the greens on top of it as they make this dish even more vibrant. This dish is on the lighter side, but yet very satisfying.

DSC_0760So for the mains, we got the baked cod in saffron broth for $33. Cod was well cooked but I thought it may be slightly overcooked as there were patches of dryer meat. It was still a good piece of cod fillet though but could have been perfect. This dish again, is meant to be light tasting. When I say light, it doesn’t equate to bland and I really like it as you can taste the freshness of every condiment and ingredient. Some sort of fungus was used together with spinach and I like that. The soup is tomato base but feels really fresh and this made up for the drier bits of the fish. Feels really healthy yet still delicious!


DSC_0766Counterpoise to that, we got the roasted duck breast that is more heavy tasting for $26. This main was so satisfying. Sauce is slightly sweet yet still on the savoury side and is slightly viscous. The sliced carrots were caramelised and that tasted really yummy. Duck breast was really well done! Slightly pink flesh when served, the duck breast isn’t overcooked at all. The skin is really crispy but I didn’t dare to eat much of the skin with its fats. Beans were really soft as well and tasted very fresh. Though it may be heavier in tasting, the greens that accompany it makes it feel healthier. Yummy!

DSC_0768And finally, we shared the chocolate and caramel crumble for dessert. $12. V exclaimed when she had a mouth of it. This dessert indeed is very good, the top bit caramel while the bottom chocolate, it is rich yet not chokingly rich in their flavours. And the fruit that goes with it makes it less queasy and refreshing. Very well thought of. I think I could have had two of this if I didn’t have so many sweets before this meal. The chocolate and caramel layers were really smooth and creamy and I like that and the berries were not sour too.

So Sprigs really impressed me from starters to mains to dessert. What I like about them is that they have a small menu and that makes me feel that everything they cook will be of a certain standard. Somehow I was slightly reminded of Fleur de Sel which involves more complex French cooking (even the equipment used looks more techy), Sprigs focuses more on traditional French food. It may feel simpler but everything is really well executed. Very condiment used was well thought of and the sincerity of the chef will make your day. Food aside, service here is also very good. It may not feel personal, like asking how your day is or if the food is good or explain what is on your plate, but I still find the working crew professional. They will refill your drinks promptly in a non-intrusive way, and will explain to you in a really patient manner if you have any doubts. They will also open the door for you when you enter and leave and I find that really courteous. Really similar to Japanese standard. Keep up the good work to the Sprigs crew!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant


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