Azzura Gelato Bar

Azzura Gelato Bar

Katong V, 30 East Coast Road

So, after having a sumptuous pizza meal at La Pizzaiola, K and I decided to settle our sweet tooth. We got down to Azzura Gelato Bar which is in Katong V shopping mall. Our first time here and we got lost a little. When we found the small dessert cafe, there was a section for ice cream and another section that sells cute creative ice cream desserts and we got two from that.

DSC_0720We got the cute peach dessert. It was on promotion and instead of $8.50, it is sold at $5. Delicious, creamy ice cream within, we finished it in a few minutes. Thinking that this may still not look exactly like a peach, they even placed a chocolate ball within to mimic the seed of a peach.

DSC_0725This may look a bit deformed but that chocolate ball is the ‘seed’. Tastes a little like ferrero rocher to me. The white chocolate on the outside was sweet and delicious too.

DSC_0724We got a contrasting ice cream, that is chocolate. Really creamy within and felt a little like ice cream cake. Like the peach ice cream, there is a cherry hidden within this chocolate and tastes really delicious with it.

So, we settled our desserts here. Very good place for interesting and creative desserts in the East and after having those desserts, I wanted to try the gelato as I believe the gelato will be equally good but was stuffed by then already. The mango sorbet and sesame gelato look really inviting (yeah really Asian flavours but I like them). So if you want to have a good ice cream on a lazy Saturday afternoon yet do not want to get yourself into one of those really crowded and raucous cafes, then come to this place for a good chill out.



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