Marina Bay Link Mall

Not being a big fan of ramen, I actually I craved for tsukemen after having my first and last bowl in Tokyo. Not many ramen places sell tsukemen in sg and I know that I need to go to Suzuki Ramen bar when Y told me that they have tsukemen there. But unlucky me travelled to Raffles Place just to find out that they are closed on Labour day. So with the ramen spirit still burning, G and I went to Marina Bay link mall as I know there’s a ramen place there. To my surprise, that place has been replaced by a new Japanese eatery called Akatombo.

Tbh, I was quite surprised when the restaurant was 3/4 full on a Public Holiday. It was almost as busy as ding tai feng beside it. You know how dead Marina Bay Link Mall is on PH, so having it three quarters filled is really a feat.

DSC_0711Akatombo is a fusion Japanese restaurant as they serve Japanese bento and spaghetti. G got the matcha latte and it tasted similar to the one from Starbucks. $3.

DSC_0712I got the sukiyaki Ju. There were quite a good range of ingredients in it. You have the runny yolk, grilled leak, golden mushrooms, some noodles, some dao pok skin and of course grilled beef. Beef was tender and fragrant while the other ingredients were all delicious and fragrant as well. G also liked the beef. $16.

DSC_0715And she got the mediterranean spaghetti. This bowl of spaghetti was super delicious. Soup base is tomato cream. It was super creamy, thick and flavourful. Together with the al dante spaghetti, this bowl of creamy soup spaghetti tasted heavenly. It also has a heavy seafood taste which makes it even more exceptional. Seafood was fresh too I guess but the prawns were made succulent through soda. $15.50.

DSC_0717Also got a salmon avocado maki for $6. Really huge maki but I thought the rice were not well made. The nori or seaweed in it is slightly soggy and you find yourself unable to tear it apart while munching on one piece. This resulted in me putting the whole gigantic piece into my mouth. The fillings were pretty good but on the whole this isn’t recommended.

So, I had a pretty pleasant surprise at Akatombo. I thought it would have the standard of chain restuarants. This chain, though, is quite good in my opinion and wallet friendly too. No wonder they have quite a lot of patrons on a PH. We spent about $23.50 per person. I think the spaghetti is a its signature dish over here and one should go for it if you are not sure of what to try here.

Verdict: A good economical Japanese restaurant.


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