Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Marina Bay Sands

DSC_0723Have walked past Sweet Spot a couple of times and have always wanted to try their gorgeous cakes. So after today’s lazing around the MBS area, Sweet Spot has secured a spot in my heart for cakes. This would be one of the places that I would recommend to friends with a sweet tooth.

Cakes here are priced at $9 each. They definitely are not cheap, but considering that it is in MBS, I find them still edible at this price. Cakes here have quite a Japanese French fusion vibe. Got three cakes and a cuppuccino for $33.

DSC_0718Pineapple cheesecake. Really soft cheesecake and is akin to those light Japanese cheesecake. This cheesecake isn’t sour or too heavy at all, and actually tasted quite refreshing together with the passionfruit seeds on top. The biscuit base was delicious and unique I felt. It doesn’t taste buttery but tasted quite healthy yet fragrant. It feels a little like oats biscuits but more fragrant.

DSC_0720I got the new york cheesecake just because it looks pretty with the gold leaf. Different from most new york cheese cake, this has berries on top of it to prevent you from getting too queasy. This cheese cake is denser than the one on top but not overly sweet and heavy. The biscuit was also different and tasted fragrant. Could also taste the egg yolk in it, I guess a lot of egg yolk must have been used. Delicious.

DSC_0721This orange and thyme cake was delicious and felt quite Japanese too. Very soft and it is mostly made of white chocolate. While I am not so sure what is a thyme taste, orange taste was mild. Very light, and it is similar to souffle I thought but denser and sweeter. It feels really good when I had big chunks of it each time and somehow you wouldn’t feel fat as it’s not fudgey. Hidden calories indeed.

DSC_0724And yes, there’s a whole range of beautiful and delicious cakes that you may want to try. Those with the berries look so good and I was tempted to buy the chocolate and raspberry dome home. They look fresh and delicious.

DSC_0728This shop also sells biscuits for $9 (B) and $6 (S). These are green tea sesame.

After having the great cakes, I thought I would like to try their pastries but have no room for them and so I bought three of them home. Pastries are priced at about $3 each.

DSC_0732Got the uber huge danish croissant. Beware this croissant is very filling as it is huge and croissant is oily and buttery. This tasted really delicious as it is very fluffy while the icing sugar and the big pieces of almond makes it fragrant.

DSC_0733Also got the peach danish. Very interesting that the sliced peach has some jam filling on top of it. The buttery cream below it is fragrant and delicious too.

DSC_0734This is banana danish pastry and it felt sweet and yummy.

On top of the pastries, cakes and coffee, they also sell beautiful elegant chocolates and macaroons which also look delicious. Another plus point about this place is that it is not flooded by people which gives you more space to enjoy your delicious cakes. An area to improve would be the disposables that they use. I think it would look nicer if they can change to pretty porcelain plates for serving and metal forks could be given instead of plastic ones. After all, this isn’t a cheap establishment. Guess I may come back for more cakes again when I am around the area or if my sweet tooth is aching again.

Verdict: A good patisserie.

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