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As promised, finally brought V to some fine dining in Singapore and we went to Jaan. Have been here twice, the first time I had the 5 course lunch menu and I was blown away; the second time I was back for the 7 course lunch and I was pretty impressed; the third time (this time) I’m here and I felt that this place is good but very predictable. As I already had a slight hunch that the lunch menu would feel repetitive even after a year, I went in knowing that I just want the three course menu. Opened the menu, read the descriptions and I wasn’t interested in the five at all so, we got the three course.

DSC_0711Once again, their pre-starters were really pretty and exquisite. V loved this a lot. The hummus and thin slices of biscuit in front are very delicious again like in the past. Tasted the same as my first visit while the biscuits have many different kinds of seeds on it.

DSC_0710Purple meringue on the right. There was some onion taste in it and is savoury. Fluffy purple crust on the outside.

DSC_0712The black thing in the middle is seaweed and the meat on top of it is smoked and fragrant. The left most is biscuit with cheese flakes on it. Biscuit is very thin and crispy.


DSC_0718Then here comes the fragrant buttery rich mushroom soup. This has been my favourite from the first visit. Very rich soup that lingers in your mouth for quite a while. Delicious.

DSC_0720Then comes the delicious tray of bread. I had four in total for today’s lunch. Had 2 walnut, one sour dough and one brioche. Loved the walnut bread. It was warm, soft, fluffy and slightly sweet as it has some raisins embedded in it. Really good bread served here.

DSC_0722V got this poached egg starters with white asparagus. Garlic was very fragrant while I find the asparagus not bad.

DSC_0723Mine is the zucchini starter. They initially got my order wrong and I told the waitress that I didn’t order that. Zucchini was what I ordered. I didn’t want Jaan Garden as I didn’t really enjoy it the other time. Zucchini is the tempura like thing on the right. There were also other fillings together with it in the fried flavour. Tasted light even though it was fried. There was also some white cheese in it and the other vegetables. This is another salad dish to me and somehow I find it pretty normal.

DSC_0726V’s mains was pretty good. She got the lamb cooked in many different ways and thus have many different textures to it. Lamb didn’t have the lamb smell while they all tasted very tender. Yummy.

DSC_0732I got the trout with kuroshima roast pork at the bottom. Pork tasted like siu yok and was delicious while the trout was kinda medium rare and melts in the mouth. It is really tender, soft and really orange on the inside. Pretty not bad mains but I wouldn’t say memorable.

DSC_0733And then came the desserts. I got this strawberry dessert. Everything was not bad except for the strawberry which tasted a bit disastrous. They were not tasteless but overly sour. Considering that I am someone who is able to take sour stuff, this was actually too sour for me, especially in a dessert. There were some cheese rods in it. I initially thought it would taste like the strawberry dessert I had in Esaki whereby the dessert tasted blissfully sweet. Looks like it’s not easy to nail a strawberry dessert after all.

DSC_0738V got the exotic dessert which is on the seven course menu. Not too bad I feel.

DSC_0741That’s the petite four. We got some popping nuts on the right, chocolate ice cream ball and a banana marshmellow-like thing coated with coconut shavings.

DSC_0742Like the popping nuts quite a lot. They initially served popping ice rods in the past but have changed to these caramel nuts instead. Pretty yummy I felt.

So, I guess I actually feel quite lethargic writing this post up for Jaan’s lunch. Apart from the pre-starters and petite four, everything tasted very predictable and some were actually a letdown. I wouldn’t say that the food is bad. Food quality over here is good but just feel that this place is lacking in creativity. Even the pre-starters and petite four feel repetitive to a certain extent. It has recently improved its ranking on Asia’s best 50 and I’m not sure how did it do it. It definitely is a place that will wow you for the first time, but really after a while things will get boring and it’s quite incredulous that the menu and style of food served didn’t change much after a year. Singapore’s top restaurant, Andre, will make it a point to change the menu regularly and this really puts a test to the chef’s creativity. I think these are the restaurants that will make me want to revisit them in future.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant on your first visit but gets very predictable thereafter.



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