Ramen Bar Suzuki – finally reliving the times in tokyo

Ramen Bar Suzuki

Near Raffles Place MRT


Indeed, this ramen bar has made me relive the times I had in Tokyo. This is my second time having tsukemen after I fell in love with it the first time I had it in Yokohama Ramen Museum. Tsukemen over here at Suzuki is really good and V agreed with me. We had Jaan before this, and tbh, I was more impressed by this unassuming Ramen Stall that is actually quite busy on a Saturday night in dead Raffles Place. It was really fun when we sat in and everyone around us is Japanese. And then you will be assured that you will not leave in disappointment. Also, the decor and lightings in it really resemble a Japanese ramen stall in Japan. Natsukashii neh! It’s OK as I will be revisiting her again soon.

So V and I got the tsukemen. It was her first time having it and she loved it. While I got the spicy one with fish powder, she got the non spicy one.

DSC_0745Like most ramen bar now, they have a bowl of hard boiled eggs for you to eat to your content. I had two on top of a flavoured egg that I ordered while V had one. We all only had the egg white knowing that too much yolk isn’t good for you. You may be wondering now where should you discard the shell?

DSC_0746Simply make use of the cute box behind. I only know the use of this box after I peep at the Japanese girl beside me. Very cute box isn’t it.

DSC_0748On top of my ramen, I got the gyoza for an extra $2.80 to make it into a ramen set. Skin was crispy as this gyoza was fried instead of the usual grill. Fillings were pretty delicious too. The more interesting part I think is the sauce that is used for it.

DSC_0751A picture of my spicy tsukemen. I should have scooped the ingredients out from the broth and take a photo of it. There were quite a lot of chunky cha siew in it while the flavoured egg was really delicious. Very soft inside and it tasted well marinated. There were really quite a lot of ingredients in the broth. The broth wasn’t hot while the ingredients were warm. Noodles were served cool which is what it should be and tasted so springy which I like. Tasted really delicious when you dip it into the broth and slurp it up. Everybody around us was busy slurping away. I was initially puzzled by the ordering form as you get to customise your own bowl of ramen. Like the amount of fragrant oil you want to be added to it and whether you would prefer other condiments in it or how light you prefer your broth to be. Think you wouldn’t get this in Tokyo. But for more health conscious Singapore, this may be desirable here.

DSC_0752Took a picture of this and the main idea was to show that yuzu pepper paste beside it. It makes your broth even more delicious when you dump it into it. Makes it slightly spicier and more zesty. Yummy!

So Ramen Bar Suzuki really hits the soft spot for me. Very delicious tsukemen here. I think menya musashi is the other place that sells tsukemen but according to my ramen fanatic friend, this is much much better. In case you may be wondering why is it called tsukemen, I think that there is a literal meaning to it. tsuke means attach while men means noodles. It really means to just dip your noodles before you consume it. So please don’t drink the super heavy tasting and rather salty sauce as you will just dehydrate yourself and not appreciate this bowl of good ramen. So, don’t wait any longer and get down to this restaurant to try its tsukemen if you haven’t! I strongly believe that the other hot ramen would taste equally good as most Japanese who ordered them were slurping happily away.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.




6 thoughts on “Ramen Bar Suzuki – finally reliving the times in tokyo

  1. Alice Yong says:

    I love Ramen Suzuki too! 🙂 Agree that the Tsukemen is good! For the soup ramen, I usually have the Cardinal Red Ramen. Do try their miso wings next time, which I think is really good (only available during dinner)!

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