Binomio – Happy Mothers’ day!


Near Outram MRT


This picture looks really rustic with the barrel in front of the door.

It’s my 2nd visit to Binomio. As I was confident that this place serves really good Spanish food, I decided to bring my parents here tonight to celebrate Mothers’ Day. While I was at the bar (as restaurant was full) on my first visit, I booked the restaurant this time, thinking that it may be more appropriate for dinner with the parents. Wanted to look for the sous chef that I made friends with but he is in Spain currently! So lets see what’s on the restaurant menu.

DSC_0713Got a glass of sangria white wine to share as I know that it should be good here. Indeed it was a very good glass of sangria as there is a strong fruity punch while the white wine makes it a little alcoholic and more zesty. It felt a little diluted initially but after swirling it, the sangria became more homogeneous and tasted right and refreshing! The dilution must be due to the melting ice. $14.

DSC_0709Tortilla for $8. I had this when I was at the bar the other time and found it soooo delicious that I need to get it again this time. This was actually not on the menu and they do not serve any bar food as the bar kitchen is very small and will not be able to cope with it if everyone were to order from there. I guess the actual reason is because the bar tapas is cheaper and if you are in the restaurant, you would be expected to get the more upmarket tapas. But the waiter was nice enough to give me the tortilla as I looked so addicted to it. Again the omelette in it is really soft, wobbly and fragrant while the potatoes are really soft and soothing. Very delicious comfort food. You can eat it with two kinds of mayo, either the normal white ones or the slightly spicy orange one. I personally prefer the spicy one.


DSC_0717Ham croquette. Sorry for the first blurry picture. Did not qc properly for that. Croquette was very delicious as well, the outside was thin and crispy while the filling is really moist and has a ham fragrance. $14.

DSC_0719Grilled octopus with pork belly underneath. This was a recommended tapas from the waitress but I didn’t really enjoy it. The octopus was very fresh, succulent and wasn’t overcooked nor tough and has a really good texture. However, it felt bland overall as the sauce tasted quite flat. The pork belly, was not my type of food as it purely is just fats and so I left it untouched. Maybe you will find that the fragrance of the pork belly would complement the taste of the octopus if you are a pork belly lover. $29.

DSC_0721I got this grilled fish with vizcaina sauce, garlic and thinly sliced potatoes from the ‘principle’ section for $32. The sauce tasted right and would have brought out the freshness and succulence of the fish. However, it was a pity as the fish tasted a little dry inside. It was an overgrilled fish. The potatoes were delicious though as they were slightly charred and has a nice fragrance. It would have been a much better main if the fish was moist.


DSC_0723Then I had something that I know I wouldn’t be disappointed in. Squid ink Paella for 2 for $70. This Paella was again, very delicious. Rice was very moist and heavily coated with the fragrance of the stock. Squid is very crunchy and has a very good texture while the clams felt fresh as well. My parents loved the two paella that we ordered initially but found the heavy taste a little too overwhelming towards the end. But I like that intense flavour of these paella.


DSC_0726And this is the chicken and seafood Paella for 2 for $66. Had this the first time and I am addicted to it. Really intense flavour and every grain is uniformly coated with the the fragrant stock. The way they serve it is actually quite interesting as they will first bring these paella out for you to see first before they help you to apportion it into your plates. Of course you can request to scoop them up on your own but our table wasn’t big enough to accommodate two huge pans. The waitress knew that I wanted to take pictures of it and so placed it down for me to take them first while they waited patiently beside. Really nice service here.

DSC_0728And this is my ying-yang paella after they apportioned it. Yummy!

DSC_0735Then before getting the bill, we got the churros for $14 to satisfy our sweet tooth. The dessert menu is quite small and only has about 5 desserts on it. Antonio recommended the churros to me the other time and I found it really unique as it isn’t dry inside but slightly gooey and really moist. That is the main difference from most churros which makes this one a winner. Parents loved it and you can eat it plain or dip into that cup of thick, rich chocolate sauce.

So, did Binomio impress and satisfy me again? Yes, it definitely did despite having two misses in the more expensive tapas. Though that was a little disappointing, the other tapas and delicious paella made up for it. My parents were also really happy with the meal and glad that they had a delectable Spanish meal. Service here is really good I felt as the waitresses and waiters are always smiley and felt quite sincere from bringing you in to sending you off (which is something you don’t get a lot from ang mor establishments here). The waitress was quite amazed that we could down so much food and offered to make one of the paella smaller (at a lower price) but I was too famished then and so went with the total serving for four. After we were done with the paella, she even exclaimed in disbelief. Somehow, I feel more won over by the bar as tapas there is cheaper and delicious while I also get to order my favourite Paella. So the next time I go back to Binomio, I will return to the more familiar bar instead!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant




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