Stateland Cafe – another mediocre cafe

Stateland Cafe

Bali Lane

Was thinking that I should spend a little lesser this weekend after yesterday’s excellent Mothers’ day dinner at Binomio. So, decided to chill out at a cafe with B and we were deciding between lola and Stateland cafe. While the food pictures from lola looks more appetising, there seems to be more things to do at the bugis area, so we went to Stateland cafe instead. The day was hot, I was a bit grumpy but I wouldn’t have a feud with my food if it is good food. And clearly, I wasn’t happy with the food and didn’t bother to savour much of it. It was really just another cafe wanna be.

DSC_0709B got the coffee which he said was bitter and tastes really normal. $4.90.

DSC_0710This is egg benedicts on brioche toast with mushrooms and ham and some tomatoes. It tasted pretty decent and normal and has the taste of all the ingredients present. The mushroom sauce made it more fragrant but yeah, it is really just one dimensional.  $14.90.

DSC_0711Aglio Olio for $10.90. The garlic were really well fried and very fragrant while the ham in it gives it a savoury touch. I like the texture of the mushrooms as it is soft and aromatic. What I didn’t like was the spaghetti, it was pretty dry and actually has a rough texture. Wasn’t al dante at all too. Since the spaghetti is the bulk of this dish, I thought this aglio olio was below average.

DSC_0713Then we had the desserts and this is honey brioche with vanilla ice cream and some blueberries. This brought back memories of my years in London, not because it reminds me of a super good cafe there, but because it reminded me of the days when I make my own honey toast for supper. Tasted really delicious then even though the ingredients were so basic and cheap. This honey toast came across like the one I make on my own and the honey felt quite cheap. But for such a simple dessert, it is priced at $11.90 here. A total rip off I felt.

DSC_0715The red velvet waffles with some raspberry and vanilla ice cream for $14.90. The taste of this waffle was OK I felt and tasted like a red velvet cupcake. But, the texture of the waffle is wrong, quite awful actually as it collapses very easily and quickly when you chew on it. There isn’t any texture or consistency at all. Really bad and ripped off again.

Before I sound like I’m a snob towards cafes, I actually am quite happy to go to good quality ones. Just to state a few memorable ones that I’ve been to – Department of Caffeine, Common Man Coffee Roasters, Bochinche (definitely). These cafes use really fresh produce and not everything is preserved food (ham, sausage etc). This is what I call cafes that serves real food as I believe that they are the ones that have real passion in cooking. Most others newly opened ones just serve run of the mill food that hopes to capitalise on the current cafe culture in Singapore and Stateland cafe falls conveniently into this category. They serve really simple food (food that even I can make) at an exorbitant price. If you were to do a simple google search on ‘cafes in Australia’, you could see much more tantalising food pictures that looks much more creative and delicious. They are not expensive, but definitely will taste much better as they make use of the freshest produce to make their food vibrant and appealing. Really hope that sg can quickly acquire such quality cafes before we waste more of our money at such mediocre ones that are currently quite ubiquitous in sg.

Verdict: A mediocre cafe. Please don’t waste your time and effort getting here. Btw, I wasn’t able to chill there as the air conditioning wasn’t strong enough.


One thought on “Stateland Cafe – another mediocre cafe

  1. jaytjk says:

    Great review, thanks for sharing. Makes me think twice about visiting the place now. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you

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