Bar-Roque Grill

Bar-Roque Grill

Amara Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_0739A very good play with words, Bar-Roque Grill restaurant indeed has a very Baroque interior I felt. I don’t really know how does the Baroque period look like exactly except that it was sometime really in the distant past. From the angel statues, to the paintings and the crockery on display, it indeed does look slightly ancient but this restaurant is able to interject modern elements to make the decor still look familiar yet very fun. Really love the interior as these ancient furniture are able to blend into the modern looking open kitchen.

DSC_0736The shelf with many old stuff.

DSC_0710The open kitchen that allows you to look at all the action going on if you don’t have your ipad or smartphone to stare at or scroll.

DSC_0713Baguette was served first as always in French restaurants and they were slightly warm. There isn’t anything to wow about this loaf of bread but what’s coming up later are all really very impressive.

DSC_0714Y just came back from a conference in Alsace France which is coincidentally the region that the head chef is from. He was telling me flambee is a traditional food of Alsace region but he didn’t get to taste it as they were not served in the restaurants he visited there. So we had it here in sg instead. What a delicious slab of bacon and onion flambee. The crust was so thin, crispy and fragrant that it accentuates the taste of the cheese, bacon and fragrant onions on it. Very delicious, moist and really isn’t the normal pizza that we usually have. $14.

DSC_0715Not having enough of flambee, we got the snail and bacon one. This was lighter in taste I felt but as delicious. Snail was just very slightly chewy and goes really well with the bacon and cheese. Delicious flambee with a palatable texture. $14.

DSC_0717Got the black cod stew for one of the mains and it was so good. There are many other ingredients in it like fresh and succulent prawns, squid, cabbage. Everything was really fresh. The fish is really moist but its skin is really crispy. Like the big contrast in texture. Sauce is slightly thick and creamy but very light and refreshing as it has saffron in it. This sauce was made light so as not to cover the natural sweetness of the fish. Brilliant dish indeed. It also doesn’t make you feel queasy and I could have finished the whole bowl of sauce. The waiter even offered to provide more bread for me to dip in as I told him I could finish the sauce but I was quite stuffed by then so didn’t have it. This slightly reminds me of the stew I had at dB moderne actually. $38.

DSC_0718The chicken rotisserie is something that many have recommended and indeed it is lip-smacking. Very moist and tender, the chicken breast even tasted slightly like the thigh as it wasn’t dry at all! The grilled and slightly charred skin tasted really good with the fragrant sauce. The salad is also very delicious when eaten together with the slightly thick sauce as well. $22.

DSC_0725We got the butternut squash as a side and it was really soft and slightly sweet. It has the texture of pumpkin. I wanted to try this as I’ve always seen it in Sainsbury (London’s supermarket) but have no idea on how to cook it. I tried cooking it once but failed. So grilling it actually does the trick as it brings out the natural sweetness from the squash. Its appearance looks like a gourd and it’s quite rare to find it in Asian supermarkets. $10.

DSC_0732We of course finished the meal with one of their three desserts, the apple pie and vanilla ice cream with crumble. Very delicious slice of apple pie. The apple didn’t taste sour at all and there was custard in the pie as well which gives it a creamier touch. Really soft and soothing, this pie is really satisfying. I also love the top layer of the crust as it slightly more brown and that makes it very fragrant. The vanilla ice cream wasn’t too sweet either and complements the taste of the apple pie. $14.

So Bar-roque did impress. From the interior decor, to the food, to the service, everything was top notch. Service is really courteous, smiley and personal as they will make sure that you know what you are eating and would also ask if everything is O.K. This kind of service is something that I usually will get in the more upmarket restaurants in London. So, am really glad that I could experience it at Bar-roque. Somehow, everything on the menu was a hit I felt and you could just simply point to any dishes and I think it will be as satisfying. Would really recommend this restaurant!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

DSC_0743All happy and satisfied while a hectic week awaits!





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