Opposite Alexandra Retail Centre near Labrador MRT



The main dining area of Portico feels very airy, spacious and green with potted plants placed in the middle of some tables. Tables are far apart from each other too so that you get your own personal space which I really like. There is also a small garden outside that you can gaze at through the huge glass panel windows.

So A and I decided to get 5 things on the menu that they recommend, 2 starters, 2 mains and one dessert. Everything we ordered were marvelous and I had a hard time choosing which I like best. So, when asked by the waitress I said I loved all 4 dishes (dessert wasn’t up then).

DSC_0711DSC_0719Beautiful grape and quinoa salad isn’t it. There’s raspberry, red and yellow grapes in it. Flowers made this whole bowl of salad look really therapeutic. As mentioned in 40 Hands, Quinoa is a kind of superfood that has all the essential amino acids. Drizzled with olive oil and some sauce, they tasted moist and went so well with the grapes. Very refreshing and feels so invigorating after having it. $14.

DSC_0720The next appetiser we had was the tomato and onion tart. Mamamia! I love the rocket as always while the melted cheese on top of the tart was so stretchy and fragrant yet doesn’t feel queasy at all. Tart was fluffy and slightly crispy while the tomato toppings on it gave it the moist. There were also caramelised onions in it that gives it a more savoury touch which I loved. Delicious! $15.

DSC_0715-001Soba noodles with fried shrimps was so umami. Tossed with truffle oil, fried buckwheat and these small fragrant super crispy shrimp, this al dante soba tasted heavenly! Yeah, superfood buckwheat is also present in this dish (those small little fried balls). Feels very simple but tasted amazing! $16.

DSC_0727The last mains that we had was the wagyu beef cheek. Sauce was thick, creamy and fragrant while the beef cheek was so tender that it melts in your mouth. I especially love the mash as it tasted really fragrant and smooth. The little balls are chestnut I think and somehow makes it feel slightly more refreshing. Very delicious mains again! I also like the how they plate this dish; mash smudged across the bowl, while hot piping beef cheek served on top of it. $27.



So it came to desserts and I decided to be daring and went for the Tart Aux Citron with onion ice cream. It looks like the whole tart was accidentally dropped off the kitchen table and all its innards splattered nicely on a plate. Quite a creative way of plating your dessert actually when disorganized is the new organised. The lemon curd tasted sour, zesty and I like that while the onion ice cream has a very light onion taste. Not that pungent as one would have imagined, and there are fried savoury shallots under it. Quite interesting indeed. $14.

From the start till the end, Portico’s food kept us in awe throughout. Chef is really daring with his creations without losing that umami intended. Everything was very reasonably priced I felt and portions were satisfying. We got all the starters and mains served at one go as they will be having a power shutdown at 1.30pm, which left us with slightly under 1.5h to munch. Perhaps they could have notify their customers beforehand as some people don’t gobble as fast as us. Then again, it is still a very relaxing bistro to go and with such great food, this place is a perfect place to hang out on a weekend.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant

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