Ujong – when local food turns upmarket


Raffles Hotel next to Cityhall MRT

DSC_0723Oops, G’s head got into the bottom of my picture.

Ujong is a pretty new restaurant that serves our familiar Sg dishes in a more upmarket fashion. From the style to some of the ingredients, there indeed is certain elements of fusion. Housed in colonial Raffles Hotel, its interior decor definitely feels retro and adjacent to it, just separated by a glass panel is a cafe that seems to serve really good croissants and cakes. Those croissants seem to be slightly out of place as the interior of that cafe looks more like our coffee shop but anyhow, they look really delicious that I almost wanted to hop over for desserts after Ujong.

DSC_0710So three of us got five dishes to share. First came was the yusheng salmon salad for $25. Salmon was fresh with a good texture while sauce reminds me of the satay sauce yet not as nutty. A good mix of vegetables but somehow I feel that I will be more excited if more expensive vegetables were used instead to justify the $25. The overall taste is pretty good but not lip-smacking.


Softshell chilli crab with Deep fried mantou for $25.90. And so instead of having our usual humongous Sri Lankan crab, Ujong uses japanese softshell crab which tasted very crispy and goes really well with the chilli. Plating resembles that of open sandwiches bruchetta and this is where the more western element comes in. The flat mantou was also very crispy and fragrant on the outside while soft on the inside. Delicious!

DSC_0713We also got the grilled fish with otak rempah (spices) for $15.90. This dish was a slight miss for me as the fish tasted a bit dry inside. It is nicely coated by the fragrant otak rempah but a real pity that the taste couldn’t penetrate to the interior of the fish. It was still good but I guess I would be happier to have those normal big otah instead.

DSC_0718Prawn noodles with pork for $17.90. This was delicious I felt as noodles were evenly and heavily coated with their intense fragrant sauce and chilli. This will be quite spicy if you can’t take spice. I had to have a few sips of iced water after having it. Noodles were well cooked too, not too soggy. You get a choice of pork or chicken. Pork was crispy and very fragrant. Those slices of fried pork feels more like snacks actually.

DSC_0714FInally, we had our most expensive chicken rice for $19.90. Before you may want to dismiss it as another chatterbox that may not be worth of the price tag, this chicken here doesn’t taste anything like our familiar chicken rice. Chilli sauce and black sauce do but the chuncky chicken has a herbal taste in it. I believe breast was used but didn’t taste dry at all. The sauce on the chicken made it even more savoury and not just solely herbal. Pretty good chicken rice here and rice was shaped like onigiri.

DSC_0720That’s me with all my our food!

So after going through quite a few of the dishes from Ujong, I would say that food there is more heavy tasting and quite yummy (you can’t go too wrong with sg food I guess). Some of the dishes, for me were quite interesting and I quite like the prawn noodles, chicken rice and chilli soft shell crab with the crab as my most favourite dish. However, I have this feeling in me that the price tag could have been lower, maybe just by $2 to $3 for each dish as they all felt slightly overpriced. Well, then again, inflation and its location may both have played a big role in its more exorbitant pricing. It’s still a recommended restaurant if you want to have sg food with a more refined taste but somehow I am more interested to try the cafe beside it the next time!

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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