Artisan Boulangerie Compagnie

Artisan Boulangerie Co.

Buona Vista Station, at Metropolis


Artisan Boulangerie Co., also known as ABC in short has finally opened a branch near my workplace, at Metropolis. It’s the first time I wandered around Metropolis after work (before going for the Ion insider event) and how I wish I am a staff working in the fully glassed office. Very sleek, cool and indeed you wouldn’t feel that you are out of the CBD area. These 2 towers house the marketing and financial departments of big pharmaceutical MNCs while their research laboratories are just situated next door at Biopolis. Really like such a concept as it feels organised and high tech. So, had lunch with two of my colleagues and the verdict was unanimous – excellent.


DSC_0711Their selection of sandwiches and tarts are slightly lesser than the main branch in Killiney I guess but this is really good enough for me.

DSC_0715So I got the tuna mayonnaise sandwich and it was super delicious. It may sound simple but the bread is so amazingly soft and fluffy. Details were also not forgotten as they would make their bun look glossy (they may have sprayed a thin layer of oil). Sesame was really fragrant while tuna paste is smooth and delicious. I love the greens in it with its black seeds as they give it a refreshing crunch. $8. They also have the beef sandwich with mustard and I believe that must have tasted awesome too.

DSC_0716And I also got this Lyon brioche. First look, and it may just look like a normal brioche with a sweet layer of icing around it. But look deeper…

DSC_0722And you will realised that it has sweet pink fillings in it. I really am not sure what are the pink stuff as it tasted sweet yet not entirely sugary. It complements the fluffy fragrant brioche and I loved it. $3.

DSC_0718And we also had this apple turnover. Very fluffy and soft crust again with a whole big chunk of soft, soothing apple slice in it that isn’t overly sweet. $4.80.

DSC_0724Though we felt full, we thought we need to have at least one of their ‘cakes’ and we got the lemon curd tart. Really delicious tart there. Lemon curd is sour enough to make you crave for more while the tart isn’t too hard. $6.

Needless to say, Artisan Boulangerie has impressed. Its main branch is at Killiney Road but I am already so satisfied with this small branch at Metropolis. Seated beside those huge glass panel window, it indeed feels quite relaxing to take a break from the never ending work and indulge in your own world, sipping your coffee slowly while having a delicious sandwich for lunch. You can also order from the menu and get pretty salad sides beside your mains and that will make it even more balanced. This shall be a bakery that I would frequent or do take aways on Fridays, when I just need to celebrate the end of the week with good cakes and pastries.

So, rare as it may seem for a cafe in Singapore, Verdict: An excellent and awesome cafe!



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