Sushi Kuu

Sushi Kuu

Palais Renaissance near Orchard MRT

DSC_0721Heard of their power lunch and there I was this afternoon to witness it with my london housemates. Indeed, the recently opened Sushi Kuu is an epitome of the common phrase – “lived up to expectations”. The restaurant was said to have originated from Hong Kong and the chefs were really bantering in Cantonese when I was seated just in front of them. From the set lunch menu, you get quite a lot of choices which are all reasonably priced. Every set comes with a small bowl of udon, miso soup and dessert. Just like every other slightly more upmarket Japanese restaurants, you could opt for the more expensive dishes from the extensive main menu. An omakase costs about $150 over here which is pretty decent I thought. And so, we got three impressive set lunches, two bara chirashi and one unagi set.

DSC_0709The unagi set that K got. The egg had a texture like that of scrambled eggs and was really smooth. The unagi was warm, soft and flavourful. I thought the rice looked a little like glutinous rice as it was brown. Nevertheless, it tasted really fragrant on its own and further complements the taste of the satisfying unagi. This bowl of unagi don tasted quite different from Akasaka fukinuki (the really traditional unagi restaurant I had in Japan). While the one in Tokyo tastes lighter and gives you a zen comfort, this was heavier in tasting. Two very different ways of cooking and I like both. $36.

DSC_0717B and I got the chirashi set for $42 and it came in a mega huge fish tank bowl. I love this chirashi as it was really flavourful and heavenly. There were so many different tastes in just one spoonful. You could taste the freshness and succulence of the fish, the sweetness of the tamago and the creamy texture of the avocado. Even the mirin rice has a slightly sweet flavour on its own. I love the fact that many different kinds of fish are used here, which makes this chirashi set even more vibrant and having them chopped up into cubes, this bowl indeed looks very vibrantly modern. The yellow strands are sweet radish and they were refreshingly delicious. Seaweed underneath is crisp and fragrant which complemented the chirashi. Yummy!

DSC_0718The sides for the lunch set and they were not bad. The miso soup isn’t over salty while udon has a good texture.

DSC_0720They have three different ice cream flavours for desserts – sesame, yuzu and matcha. And so we got all three. All tasted delicious, thick and creamy. The green tea has a strong matcha taste, while the sesame one tasted super fragrant. It felt like I was eating chilled sesame paste with milk. The yuzu one has some yuzu bits in it and is light and refreshing while not overly sweet. Delicious.

Sushi Kuu definitely impressed. The ingredients used are so fresh and quality isn’t compromised for the cheaper set lunches. Portions too are also not small and could feed a big appetite person like me. That makes their set lunches worth every cent spent. So, if you are in for a budget yet want to have a decent quality Japanese meal, then do drop by here for lunch as you are bound to leave feeling satisfied!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


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