Bread and Hearth

Bread and Hearth

18 Keong Saik Road


Loving the name of this artisan bakery, I decided to give this newly opened bakery a visit with P. Bread and Hearth was recently opened, in fact on Monday 9th June. Just in case you may be wondering (which I did initially), hearth means a fireplace and has this cosy feeling attached to this small interesting cafe. Indeed, the interior is pretty cosy though slightly small and has freshly baked bread hanging on the wall literally.


We had a very nice chat with the chef’s wife, Kelly. Interestingly, she is a chemist like me but she’s working on food chem while I’m more on the nasty chemistry. Got to understand that they are very sincere in introducing freshly baked pastries and bread that they do not cut down on cost in order to deliver quality pastries. Price wise, I thought it was very reasonable as most are below $4.

DSC_0758We got the matcha and orange bun (left) and white chocolate one (right) that is said to be one of the signature pastries. Indeed, the white chocolate bun is really fluffy with a hint of not overly sweet white chocolate in it. This is one of my favourites while the matcha orange one was less memorable. There was an orange taste in it and bun was fluffy. Nothing wrong with the texture but I would prefer it to be heavier on the matcha taste. Kelly was explaining that it is due to the type of dough used and with the one they are using, too much matcha will make it a bitter bun.

DSC_0759The lemon meringue we got was delicious too. Smooth and intensely sour, the lemon curd is indeed quite appetising while meringue is nicely torched. The crust though, was slightly on the harder side but worked fine with me.

DSC_0761This wasn’t P’s favourite was was actually mine. Called almond chocolate, it has a thick spread of rich chocolate within it and its texture has a slight uncanny resemblance to that of mochi. Slightly chewy, this fragrant pastry could indeed be savoured longer.

DSC_0762Known as their signature pastry, their croissant is very fluffy and the crust is super crispy. You could hear the slight crackling sound at the slightest touch of the knife. I was so stuffed by then but we could still finish most of this croissant.

So, bread and Hearth did satisfy us. On top of that, it also has a very natural and polished interior which is a pretty good place to chill at. I love taking photos of these pastries, especially when they are displayed at the counter. So luscious and fluffy looking that it makes me want to get them all. Since I couldn’t finish so many of them, the next better option would be to capture all of them onto my camera!

DSC_0751The almond pastry seems delicious!


DSC_0757Their coffee menu!

Verdict: A good cafe



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