Wah Lok – Father’s Day Dinner

Wah Lok

Carlton Hotel


Yes, it’s my third time blogging about my favourite Cantonese restaurant – Wah Lok but it is my first time here for dinner while my previous three were dim sum lunches. Love the dim sum here and I felt that dinner will impress. And indeed, I was right.

DSC_0753We got the deep fried century egg with shrimp paste for $12. This was very delicious as there’re many different textures to it. From the crispy, thin batter to the creamy yolk and bitty shrimp, this combination is indeed quite fascinating. I love the fragrant shrimp on top of it and the century egg doesn’t have this pungent ammonia smell. Very interesting and delicious.

DSC_0758The double boiled yellow melon with seafood soup for $18 per pax. Soup was intensely fragrant and felt like loads of ingredients have been used to prepare it. There were scallops and many other ingredients in it which makes it such a fragrant broth. The melon was soothing and really soft as well. However, the taste of the soup became less intense when I reached the bottom. Perhaps, one should stir the soup first before drinking to homogenise it.

DSC_0763Cod fish for $12. Really creamy and drizzled with savoury sweet teriyaki sauce, this is easily one of my favourite. Fish is usually my killer, especially cod; as long as it is moist, creamy and smooth, it can get into my favourites easily. This fish also melts in your mouth.

DSC_0768Claypot beancurd with mushroom for $16. Yummy braised silky and smooth tofu cooked with healthy vegetables. I like tofu and this tasted light and good.


This is a double combination that isn’t featured in the menu I think. I was recommended this when I ordered the three combination. As I rarely have suckling pig and dad loves it, I decided to get it. Roast duck was not bad with a slightly crispy skin but the real winner was the suckling pig. 3 layers – super crispy skin with a thin layer of fats and right underneath is the juicy tender lean meat. I couldn’t get myself to eat the fats and so I scrapped them off before attacking the skin. Skin still tastes really good with the dark sauce. A bowl of jellyfish like thing served tasted sour and that helps to whet the appetite!

DSC_0770Fatless skin.

DSC_0776And yes, my favourite braised efu noodles. Super fragrant was the unanimous verdict. Noodles were really well tossed and stir fried in the super fragrant sauce. No msg I guess as I do not have an urge of downing 10 gallons of water. Very strong umami there and we loved it. $26.

DSC_0777The creamy avocado with coconut ice cream. Somehow I thought today’s avocado puree wasn’t really well done. The ice cream made it delicious instead. $8.

DSC_0780Fried durian ice cream for $6 drizzled with mango sauce. The fried batter was crispy and thin while the ice cream was pungent enough.

DSC_0781And there we go, a very cute table by the walkway with all their awards.

DSC_0786And that’s the delicious Wah Lok dinner that I treated my parents to. Desserts were a bit on the disappointing side while the mains were delicious and impressive. This indeed still continues to be my favourite Cantonese restaurant.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.






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