Windowsill Pies and Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Windowsill Pies 

Near Lavendar MRT


It was literally a cafe hopping Sunday afternoon at the Jalan Besar area. Actually, it was a cafe hopping + Longhouse Soon Kee duck rice day. Sounds fattening, doesn’t it. Y and I had some delicious duck rice at the coffee shop first before hopping over to the ‘hipster’ cafes for more food with S. We went to Windowsill Pies first which is rumoured to have very good pies. Well, they really have good looking pies that has a slightly lacklustre taste. The pies over here looked like those of Penny University, and got to know from them that those from Penny were supplied by Windowsill.




They have quite a few pies here. While mains look really not appealing, the tarts look pretty vibrant. We got three different pies. The white chocolate with mushroom above is the best amongst all I felt. The white chocolate wasn’t super heavy and so you wouldn’t be queasy after one slice. Each slice was decorated by a small little mushroom which I found cute.

DSC_0759The apple pie that tasted pretty smooth and the apple in it wasn’t sour. It was also quite moist.


DSC_0764And we had the pecan pie which really tastes like the ang mor version of mooncake. The paste in it is quite smooth and Y said it looks like lotus paste while the crust has a resemblance to that of mooncake. It was not bad but just weirdly not bad.


We paid a total of $22.50 for all three slices and I thought that price was alright but I am sure there must be better pies out there (like Bar-Roque even though they don’t specialise in pies). It is evident that the chef is putting in a lot of effort to make their pies look really good (that’s why the word pie in their name) but somehow it lacks the oomph that ABC manages to give when you eat any of their sandwiches and pastries.

Chye Seng Huat

Just round the corner of Windowsill Pies

DSC_0767S didn’t have lunch when she had her pie at Windowsill Pies, so we went to Chye Seng Huat cafe for her to grab a bite and she ordered the Italian breakfast.

DSC_0769Soft focaccia bread topped with two poached eggs and moist bolognese beef. $12. This was not bad but easily forgettable and there were only 1,2,3,4,5,6 things to choose from the mains menu. The dessert is featured at the cashier area and they have ang ku kueh, some cakes which didn’t look very inspiring somehow.

Surprisingly, these two cafes are not that busy on a Sunday afternoon. With the increasing number of cafes (though most are very mediocre) around, these older generation ones may just need to step up their game if not they would lose out to the genuinely good ones out there (like Bochinche and Forty Hands).




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