Bochinche – 3rd time here and still loving it!


22 Martin Road #02-01


Bored of the usual run-of-the-mill brunches in sg? Envious of the people in Australia who get to taste quality cafes? Then, come down to Bochinche to satisfy your craving for an excellent brunch! Indeed, it is my third time here and many thanks to Alexandra and Janet for this invitation and their great hospitality.

So the great chef behind Bochinche is Diego Jacquet who is based in London. He has two other restaurants, namely Casa Malevo and and Zoilo in the Hyde Park and Marylebone area (places I usually frequent during the undergrad days), of which Zoilo has a pretty similar menu to that of Bochinche. Alright, enough of history lessons and lets look at the gorgeous food.

DSC_0751Pear apple and Celery juice that comes in a beaker. Refreshing and slightly sweet, this helps you to get ready for a hearty brunch. $9.


Stretchy, warm melted Provoleta topped with almonds & sweet honey. This is again my favourite as I love the chewy texture of the fragrant cheese, with the honey giving it an addictive sweetness. $17.


Vibrant tomato salad with burrata cheese, citrus olives & chopped basil. Three types of differently coloured tomatoes (red, yellow and green) are used here which is really quite impressive as they even pay attention to their colours. Burrata cheese is lighter than provoleta, so if you are not a cheese fanatic, this might suit you better. Janet was telling me that under the thick gelatin-like layer of the burrata, more cheese is pumped into it. Very interesting way of making this dish I thought. Love this salad as it is light and refreshing! $23.


Brioche french toast topped with ham & bacon ice cream. Everything complemented each other, from the savoury bacon bits to the creamy ice cream and the fluffy fragrant brioche. And yes, that’s right it’s not your usual sweet ice cream but bacon ice cream with bacon bits in it. Did it work? Yes, it definitely did! At least for me. Daring and creativity clearly displayed in this dish without losing its taste! $19.


Ricotta pancakes, berries salad, maple syrup & cinnamon crème fraîche for $18. Vibrant, sweet berries used here and when eaten together with the fluffy pancakes, this tasted perfect. It’s slightly similar to a light berry cheesecake that is refreshing and definitely satisfying at the same time.

DSC_0768How can we ever miss the infamous egg benedicts in a brunch session? Super runny organic poached eggs on toast topped with thick, creamy hollandaise sauce and what sets this widely apart from most cafes is that soft, melt-in-your-mouth braised ossobuco (veal meat) is slotted between the poached eggs and toast to give it a fuller and more satisfying munch. $25. Delicious!


Smoked salmon & scrambled eggs with red onions, capers & dill cream cheese. Scrambled eggs were really smooth and soothing while the smoked salmon tasted fresh with the cream cheese and refreshing dill complementing its creamy texture and taste. I am usually afraid to take smoked salmon as it smells stale to me but it’s only Bochinche that I would not mind ordering this everytime I’m here. $24.


Sirloin steak salad with portobello, sweet potato, grilled leeks & mustard dressing for $29. A really generous slab of steak served here and there’s still a pink hue to it. Soft and not overcooked, this complemented the really interesting salad. I was particularly interested in the sweet potatoes which are the orange cubes and thin slices you see in the pictures and I believe they are prepared differently. One ingredient, two ways of slicing, two different textures attained, brilliant!


House chorizo sausage, Malbec braised ox cheeks & caramelised onions for $25. This has been and is still one of my favourites. Ox cheek has a really soft texture and instantly melts in your mouth while churiso is intensely flavoured. Sweet caramelised onions complements the taste while sauce here also gives it an umami kick.

DSC_0777Need something that has a more Asian touch, then go for this yellow fin with crispy aji molido tofu for $30. As the name suggests, tofu is slightly spicy and is super crispy while the inside is silky and smooth. There is grilled pak choi underneath while the yellow fin tuna is cooked on the outside but raw inside. Really fresh and the whole combination was delicious.

DSC_0779Hohoho, here comes my killer dish. Squid-ink burger, smoked pepper, chopped romaine, crayfish & dill mayo. I thought it was charcoal bun initially but it’s actually infused with super black squid ink. The crust of the bun is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside which makes it very delicious. I love how chunky that crayfish patty look, so luscious and inviting isn’t it. Just like how it looks, the patty tasted really succulent and juicy. $27.

DSC_0781And we come to the desserts. Bitter chocolate tart, chilli flakes yogurt & chocolate ice cream for $16. Yes the chocolate tart tasted bitter and I like that as it feels healthier. Also love the clever use of chilli flakes to make the taste more exciting.


“Dulce de leche” (literally candy made from milk) crème brûlée & banana split ice cream for $17. Really well cameralised top layer that is so brittle to the slightest touch and underneath it is the delicious dulce de leche infused custard which tasted so thick, creamy and definitely addictive. I made sure my spoon was clean after finishing this. Yummy!


Grilled pineapple, mate tea granita & “arroz con leche” sorbet, lemon crumble for $18. A more refreshing and lighter dessert this is, the pineapple is soft while the creamy sorbet complements its taste.

DSC_0786And lastly, this is my favourite dessert – Milk cake, passion fruit sorbet & toasted almonds. $14. Milk cake is really fluffy, soft and fragrant while the almonds gives it an extra crunch! Passion fruit sorbet was also intensely flavoured, thick and refreshing.

To sum up in three simple words, Bochinche’s brunch is daring, creative and spot on! This is why I always highly recommend Bochinche for brunch if you really want to experience a true good one. The restaurant is also spacious and so you don’t have to worry about encroaching into other people’s personal space while dining which makes your dining experience even more enjoyable. If it is your first time there, you may have difficulty finding it. It sits directly above Common Man Coffee Roasters (which always have a never ending queue). Just get round Common Man, enter a building via a sliding glass door and take the lift up to Bochinche. Once again, would like to thank Alexandra and Janet for this really enriching invitation!







2 thoughts on “Bochinche – 3rd time here and still loving it!

  1. backpackerlee says:

    Have you tried Pisco at RWS? Claims to have authentic Peruvian cuisine, but apart from normal Mexican fare like at MexOut or Muchos, there are not that many South American fast food/fine dining establishments in Singapore. Shame. Bochinche looks really cool, especially the seating design. Reminds me a little of Flesh + Buns in London (sort of).

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