Zeughauskeller – Traditional restaurant in Zurich


Zurich Old Town

After a 12.5h flight on the fat A380, finally here I am at Zurich Switzerland. Was a big coincidence when I met the senior on the plane and so swapped my seat with a Swiss to catch up with him and the bigger coincidence is that we will be on the same plane back as well!!



The cute trams on their ‘busier’ roads

So this Swiss trip is meant for a conference and a great meet up with the long-time-no-see English uni friends. And of course, it will be littered with traditional Swiss food along the way! It was a free day at Zurich today before the long conference begins tomorrow, and so I took the time to walk around the old town which felt really tranquil and peaceful. Despite being one of the biggest cities, it really isn’t crowded at all and their trams would always give way to pedestrians.

DSC_0758And this is the famous lake that cuts through the whole of the old town. Together with such a scenic view, the river banks are all littered with cafes and restaurants and doing an al fresco there is definitely the best way to enjoy such a peaceful view.

DSC_0773And that’s the traditional Zeughauskeller restaurant.

DSC_0764And the interior definitely looks old enough as it is said to be one of the oldest restaurants in Zurich.




And I got one of their restaurant specialties – pork shank with their freshly made potato salad. The taste wasn’t really what I had expected it to be and when it came, I was taken aback by the portion. Super huge but I was ready to attack it as I was very hungry. Pork was juicy, tender and chunky but the sauce was quite salty actually while the potato salad tasted interestingly sour which makes this otherwise cloying dish more appetising. So if you are super hungry, get this pork shank and you will be in for a big satisfying meal! 28.50 Fr.

And I was actually quite fast at exploring the old town as it wasn’t exactly that big but still appreciate the fact that it felt really peaceful. So, I went up to ETH to do a slight recce of the conference area and the beautiful Euromar banner is up already!



The pretty ETH main building. It somehow has an uncanny resemblance to Imperial.

DSC_0789As ETH is located at the top of a hill, you get a panoramic view of Zurich! In other words, I have to climb a long flight of steps for the next 5 days everyday!

Alright, need to get a really good rest now and fight off the jetlag!


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