Rheinfelder Bierhalle – Old rustic restaurant near the Bahnhof

Rheifelder Bierhalle

Near Zurich train station


It was a really rainy Sunday and my shoes were soaked after I finished climbing up the flight of stairs to ETH. Nevertheless, it was a great start to the conference with Bruker introducing their cool and new NMR machines followed by an inspiring lecture by the well known James Keeler from the alma mater, Cambridge University. Like his book, he is always so clear in his presentation and I love his British humour when he said something along the lines of “I have to finish soon as there is a dirty look from someone (the time keeper)”. Really cracked me up.


I wanted to visit the ‘Holy Cow’ that is said to serve really good burgers and I was craving for one then but unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays. So I gave Rheinfelder Bierhalle a visit instead which is just behind my hotel. This restaurant was recommended by my senior during his postgrad years at ETH. Said to serve Schnitzel with big portions, I went for that on the menu.


It was interesting as I couldn’t find it on the German or English menu initially and so I told the aunty waitress Schnit-zel and she pointed out to me that it’s the breaded pork cutlet on the English menu. Got it with the rosti as a side and throughout the whole meal, the auntie only uses German to converse with me. Very cute auntie really and reminds me of my aunt too. The breaded pork cutlet didn’t feel overly oily and is also really tender on the inside. 18.50  Fr.


And you a get a choice for your side order and so I got the traditional rosti. Well roasted on the outside as it’s crispy while the inside is still moist. It tasted slightly bland though and I would recommend you to get the Schnitzel that has mushroom cream sauce added to it. That will require half a franc more = 19 Fr. 0.5 Fr is literally written as 1/2 Franc on the Swiss coin.

DSC_0752And that’s the interior, really simple and the lady with white hair was the cute auntie who served me.

Rheinfelder Bierhalle is not the kind of mind-blowing restaurant that you would associate it with, but it really is just a traditional restaurant that serves hearty local Swiss food that keeps you warm on a rainy day.


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