Holy Cow – gourmet burger joint in Zurich

Holy Cow

DSC_0758Yeah, it’s the end of the conference (with a visit to the prestigious bruker company at the pretty outskirts of Zurich) and finally time to sit down and have a slow burger meal after having locked myself up in the hotel room for the past four days, fiercely typing the report away. Holy Cow, is advertised as a famous burger joints in Zurich and I am lucky to have it just below my hotel.

DSC_0756I’ve got the Funky chicken burger set for 20.90 Fr ad you can actually get the burger for just 14 fr. Now I know why this burger joint so popular among locals. They use really thick meaty patties and the buns are fresh, soft and moist. There’s some garlic mayonnaise in this burger and chips are really chunky and crispy. Delicious burger set meal.

DSC_0755And you get to choose ketchup, mayonnaise or mustard for your sauces. Got the ketchup and mayo to go with.

DSC_0757It’s 28 degrees this evening and I choose to do al fresco. Really one of the rare times that I can do al fresco as I can never do it in hot Sg, while the temperate countries are usually too chilly to do one. This temperature was just right and you wouldn’t sweat!

DSC_0751That’s Holy Cow again.

Euromar2And that’s the really impressive Bruker in Zurich. Very cool production line and they have an awesome cow + mountain view in front of them. Really love this view! People are really friendly there as well and an aunty just struck a conversation with me just like that and we learnt that our birthdays are just one day apart! More to come from Swiss!


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