Spiez – definitely a place to go in Swiss

Day trip to Spiez

Yes, and so I am stationed at Basel now, staying over at my friend’s place for free! You know, swiss accoms is really expensive especially when its a single room. This post shall be slightly different as I would focus more on magnificent view of Spiez, but of course not forgetting to include a restaurant here that is worth lunching at!

I decided to give Spiez a visit this time round as I’ve been to the major cities already when I was here during my last three visits. Yes, its my fourth time here and I really love Swiss just as much as Japan. Once you get on   the train and travel towards interlaken, the landscape starts to turn mountainous.


Spiez is a really small town with an awesome view. The two famous architecture would be the schloss castle and old church beside It.

DSC_0822Undulating mountains is a norm here and to make it even more beautiful, the tranquil lake is littered with private boats. A really picturesque view indeed. I literally kept snapping the same view before I thought I should move on. I am sure most people would be struck by the stunning view. I almost wanted to shout ‘sugoi’ (excellent in japanese) loudly.



So of course, given the sunny weather, this calls for an al fresco lunch. I went to Seegarten Marina Spiez restaurant at a hotel and got the veal meat cooked in zurich style in mushroom sauce with a rosti as the side. It was tasty, creamy and the veal meat was very tender. Very delicious, especially when you have such an awesome view diaplayed in front of you. I cannot ask for more. 28.50 Fr. And on top of that, they even have a patch of land used for agriculture activities. It somehow looks like a vineyard from afar but am not too sure. Alright, this blog post is meant to be flooded with photos so I shall write less and enjoy them!





What can I say, it was a really awesome trip to Spiez. No big tourist groups and mostly Swiss locals there. And as always, there were a couple of Japanese there as well. Gorgious Spiez indeed!

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