Aescher – one of the top 40 places to go in the world




Today’s itinerary is to do a hike up the amazing Aescher mountain at Appenzell. It’s in near to Zurich and S and I did a road trip! So let me describe the way to get up this beautiful mountain.

DSC_0871First, you need to park your car at Wasserauen which costs 3 Fr. That is actually the cheapest thing you can find in Appenzell as a bottle of mineral water costs 3.50 Fr. And then the difficult hike starts from here, you get to choose between two routes, one that is steeper but would give you a nicer view and lead you to Lake Seealp. And if you are not too physically fit, you can get the cable car up to the peak which takes 10min. Hiking up requires physical stamina while hiking down is technically more difficult.

DSC_0880This is the view you get when you walk through the difficult route. It’s really peaceful as you could hear ‘music from the mountains’. It is actually due to the cow bells hung around the necks of the cows and sheep.


Walking towards Lake Seealp. The first part of the climb is physically quite difficult and I was panting badly when I got up. But the view was awesome.

DSC_0889You can get that close to the cows and they do look well fed.

DSC_0890Paddling by lake Seealp. You can do a swim there if you would like to swim in one of Swiss’s lake but the water then was still freezing I felt. The Swiss were daring enough to get in though. It takes about 2h to get to this lake.

DSC_0897And we continue our way up to Aescher Mountain which took another 1h. Just follow the signs and you wouldn’t get lost. Oh, and people will greet you gruezi when you walk past them, that means hello! So friendly indeed.

DSC_0907And then it’s the beautiful Aescher Hotel that we arrived at! Awesome view and finally you find the hike is worth it!

DSC_0910A panoramic view!

DSC_0922Selfie with S!

DSC_0918More photos needed indeed as it was a long hike! 3h!

DSC_0925And you could eat at the Aescher Hotel with a magnificent view!

DSC_0932Food though was just OK, the pork steak is actually flat Pork Sausage! And pretty salty actually!

DSC_0937And this is the view at the cable car station before getting the cable down to Wasserauen. Beautiful view indeed.

Being rated as one of the top 40 places to go in the world by some interesting websites, Aescher Hotel is really worth going to. You can’t see big tour groups there and this place is frequented by locals. It’s very impressive that you can see lots of grannies and grandpas hiking up or down. Beautiful scenery indeed! I think my legs will ache tomorrow tho!

For more details on how you can get to Aescher, you may want to click here.



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