Berne – An old town


DSC_1005 The pretty street you wouldn’t miss at the old town.

DSC_1010With beautiful clock towers

DSC_1009And cute water fountain

The capital of Switzerland is the small, medievally elegant Berne. Have been here quite a couple of times and I still pretty like this place though you just need 3h to finish the old town of Berne. Its name originated from the word bear and you can find live bears in the den at one end of the bridge. A pity the bears were hiding in their bedrooms when we were there.


Met the old friend J here and it was kind of a foodie day. Had lunch at the italian restaurant Luce before meeting her. Said to be one of the better restaurants in Berne, it indeed is pretty good.

DSC_1001The interior


Got the home made pasta with minced meat and delicious bolognaise and that was delicious. Pasta was al dente while bolognaise sauce has lemon juice in it to give it a bit of an edge. This restaurant is quite worth a visit if you already had too much rosti and schnitzel.


As for dinner, we went to Altes Tramdepot which is just beside the den of the bears. Full of locals here but food is just ok.


Got the butter noodles with mushroom sauce and schnitzel. Mushroom sauce was creamy but pretty salty at the same time. 26.50 fr.

DSC_1024J’s splatzli was ok and cheesy with some fragrant bits on it. It a swiss pasta which has a different shape and texture. 19 fr.


Shared a apricot dumpling for dessert. slightly crispy skin with a creamy interior and filled with apricot jam. Not bad but not memorable. 9.50 fr.

I always have this impression that Swiss food is very simple and not much exciting elements in it but if you were to go in with an expectation of hearty traditional Swiss food (though priced at an exorbitant price), you would still be satisfied.

DSC_1008And that’s us in Berne!

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