The Lokal

The Lokal

136 Neil Road near Outram MRT

DSC_1110And yes, I am finally back from the peaceful, beautiful Swiss and it’s time to return to the usual food blogging. Have a last post on Swiss though but will do that in a few days time. So, upon returning, met C and P for a Sunday brunch at The Lokal which is opened by an Aussie chef. When I heard the magical words ‘Aussie chef’ and ‘cafe’, I knew it is a place that has to be visited.

DSC_1109That’s the really nice chef who gave us some small appetisers and desserts for free for sitting at the counter seats! It is really close to the open kitchen and there were only three seats.

DSC_1111Pickled pineapple was served as a small appetiser to whet our appetite!


DSC_1114P ordered the beautiful, vibrant granola fruit salad with yoghurt. The colours really makes it appetising and together with the fresh fruits, this definitely makes a good breakfast! $8.41.



The toasted banana bread with luscious caramelised banana, topped with some orange and lime flakes. Banana bread was moist and went really well with the sweet cameralised banana slices and I like the slight zest added to it as that made this sweet even more refreshing! $11.22.

DSC_1117Roast chicken panini with mashed, creamy avocado and fresh tomatoes. I love the way the avocado is being used as a spread as that helps to give the bread a moist texture. Roast chicken was slightly sweet in a savoury manner and moist as well. Delicious panini if you are not up for a heavy tasting mains. $14.02.

DSC_1121Roast beef on Rye. I loved the soft beef as it melts in your mouth instantly. Cameralised onions on top of it also makes it even more fragrant! Very good piece of sandwich here I felt. And slightly reminded me of the Argentinian steak at Bochinche. $17.76.

DSC_1123So besides the pre-starter, they also gave us free petite brownie desserts which was perfectly made! Crunchy and crispy on the outside while the inside is still moist, soft and fluffy! Delicious piece of brownie. Thank you Chef!

The Lokal, as expected, definitely makes the mark to be one of the best cafes in Singapore that serves quality meals, other than Bochinche and Forty Hands. Service here is super good I felt as they will keep topping up your water for you and service charge is not included in your meals. But with such good service, you will be really willing to tip them and yes I placed a 10% tip into the fish bowl near the counter. The tipping bowl was quite filled as well and so I believed many people would concur with the superb service. So, go to this cafe if you do not want to have a run-of-the-mill brunch!

Verdict: An excellent cafe!



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