Near Telok Ayer MRT

Lolla, one of the highly raved exquisite tapas place. Heard of all the hype about it and maybe due to the higher expectations, I was just impressed by two dishes while the rest were good but just felt replicable and may be priced at a lower price elsewhere. Pictures would be quite grainy over here as the lighting was really dim as we got the seats at a long communal table at the basement. Felt a little like dining in Cambridge and yeah A and I struck a short convo with the people sitting beside me. Try to get the counter seat if you want to have better photos (but be prepared to leave with a charred ordour) or you could choose the seats at the communal table with a better lighting.

DSC_1124To kick off the meal, we got the Toasted Baguette with Tomato and Roasted Garlic. Baguette was very well toasted, very crispy on the outside while still retaining the fluffiness in it. Spread the appetising tomato puree on your baguette and top it with some roasted garlic; tastes pretty good actually. $8.



Yes, this is the dish that got me very impressed. I am not a big fan of uni but when creamy, fresh uni is combined with squid ink egg pudding, it is just impeccable. Intense umami there and really creamy, thick pudding and uni. Very good combination! $21 for half a portion (I think it was priced $19 last year).

DSC_1116Grilled octopus for $26. Really fresh and springy octopus over here drizzled in chilli oil. The lime gives it a refreshing touch.

DSC_1118Tortilla with smoked eel for $19. Tortilla omelette is fluffy and has soft potato cubes in it but lacked the oomph. The smoked eel gave it a more savoury touch and is quite chewy. Somehow, I still prefer the traditional tortilla from Binomio that costs $8. Though it doesn’t have fanciful toppings like smoked eel on it, the tortilla itself is more tasty, substantial and satisfying.



And this is the 2nd dish that I was impressed with, that is the Grassfed Ribeye steak. 300g for $58 and I thought that is pretty reasonable. Steak was done medium and it was already very pink in the middle. So if you love to have pretty much raw beef, then maybe you would fancy a medium rare. The top bit has a slightly crispy texture and that makes the beef really fragrant while the inside is really soft and satisfying.

DSC_1125The steamed chocolate pudding for dessert for $15. Comes with creamy vanilla ice cream and I like the chocolate pudding steamed as it has loads of thick, rich melted chocolate in it. Delicious!

So after having the meal, was I satisfied? I am and would find this a good tapas place but somehow Burnt Ends beckons more as I may get slightly more well-plated and substantial food over there with a slightly lower price. Preparation of the food has an uncanny resemblance between the two restaurants but every dish at burnt ends seems to be more wholesome with salad served. OK, despite all these comparisons, I would still say that the uni pudding is really special and may make your visit worth it while the rib eye is indeed well prepared.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Would have got into the excellent category if the price is slightly lower)

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