Potato Head Folk

Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road

A hipster burger cafe, and indeed a very delicious one, worthy of all the raving reviews that it got. Every dish that I ordered was a spot on and that was how good Potato Head Folk is.

DSC_1113Secret Garden for $6. A very good bowl of salad here as it tastes slightly Japanese with the appetising miso vinaigrette. The fried shallots sprinkled on top of it makes it even more fragrant and palatable. Delicious!

DSC_1112Naughty Fries  for $9. Very delicious flattened thin crispy fries here that are coated with fragrant butter and sprinkled with delicious minced beef.

DSC_1115DSC_1114Burning Man burger for $24. 150g juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth patty with soft, fragrant buns and umami spicy mayo with onions. The essentials of an awesome burger, all checked!


Baby Huey burger for $20. Y had this and it was pepper sauce she reckons.

DSC_1118The funny yet slightly quirky waiter recommended us to this Rich Chocolate dessert for $6. It was super rich and tasted in between of a chilled mousse and melted fudge. You could taste dark and milk chocolate in it and I liked it. I thought it would have been better if they could have another super dark chocolate on the menu!

And yes, Potato Head impressed me a lot actually with their super hearty, intense and delicious burgers. About $20 for each yummy burger, I thought it was reasonably priced and portion is pretty substantial too. 5 orders and 5 spot on, what more could I say. Service, unlike what most people say is hipster and not very kind, was quite thoughtful and cheeky I thought. They would go around filling your cup with water and are quite smiley too. The waiter though, made a confession that it’s one of the rare days when the restaurant is not too crowded as I got to see some empty tables which is quite a contrary to the 1.5h of waiting time I heard from my friend.

Verdict: An excellent cafe and burger joint! Slurps!

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