Common Man Coffee Roasters – Really fun cupping session

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin RoadCommon man 2-001

A cupping session for the first time! How enriching can that be and I have to thank Alexandra and Janet for this kind invitation to Common Man for such an enjoyable experience. This is my second time to Common Man and only praises for it this time! Firstly, as a coffee noob, I have really learnt a lot about coffee during this visit from the excellent Andy (above) who gave a really clear and intriguing introduction to all the different coffee varieties. Not only are our coffee vocabularies expanded, we have also learnt the proper way to taste coffee. Sounds similar to wine or tea tasting? Indeed it is and I shall do a short and hopefully interesting description below. Secondly, we had a wonderful time tasting the really delicious brunch and lunch menu though I have a slight preference for the lunch menu as they felt more substantial and exciting!


There were a couple of coffee varieties presented to us that night, just to name a few, Kabirizi from Rwanda, Tiga Raja from Sumatra, Ardi from Ethiopia, Nelson trivino from Columbia (old coffee varietal) and Camocin from Brazil (Hybrid variety). Out of which, I thought two were particulary interesting. Tiga Raja coffee beans are peaberries, an uncommon pea-shaped bean instead of flattened facing sides when only one of the usual two seeds is fertilized. Such beans were thought to be defective in the past but now is highly sought after. And the coffee bean with the most interesting and inviting description would be Ardi which is simply summed up by ‘jammy, fruity and whiney’.

I was really intrigued as to how did these beans acquire such tastes and I learnt from Andy that their flavours are highly influenced by a few factors, with the three main factors being their microclimate (elevation, rainfal etc), varietal and processing.

Common man 21And so the tasting begins. When the stack of cups were unstacked, the super fragrant coffee aroma would rush into your nose. As I am no coffee guru, all of them smelled equally fragrant to me! So, pour some hot water in, brush away the layer of crust formed at the top and the unrelenting aroma would definitely pique your senses. The best way to taste coffee – Do it in a single aggressive sip, just like what you would do for wine, so that you activate your olfactory system. (No wonder it tastes much better when you slurp your ramen).

Common man 2-002More coffee for you here with pretty latte art.

From sourcing and roasting to presentation, they have indeed showed their passion in serving up unrivaled coffee to their customers. They have entrusted the crucial sourcing and roasting to the truly experienced Australian specialist roaster Five Sense Coffee while Common Man herself is the exclusive distributor of Five Senses Coffee in Southeast Asia. A familiar example would be Department of Caffeine (one of the highly raved about cafes) which also gets its coffee beans from Common Man. Having said all these, coffee fanatics, you would definitely want to get down here, even if you need to join the annoying but worthy queue on the weekends. In addition, if you would like to understand more about coffee appreciation, check out Common Man’s cupping session every Wednesday (for free!).

DSC_1130And after all the cupping session, comes the glorious food. Organic Egg Bendedicts for $24. Super runny poached eggs coated evenly with the creamy fragrant chives hollandaise, placed on top of the tender braised ox cheeks served on a fluffy sourdough bread. Really substantial and delicious egg benedicts here which would definitely beat the usual egg benedicts with ham and bacon and whatnot. This is really one of my favourites!


Crab salad with wild rocket, pomegranate, romaine for $26. Quite an exotic salad I would say as crab is added to it. Super refreshing and delicious actually as it is topped with the appetising yuzu mango mint dressing. Crab is really fresh and makes this whole plate of salad even more exciting. So if you are bored of the usual salad, try this at Common Man and salad would never be the same again.


Turkish Common Man Breakfast for $26. I had this during my first visit and I like it as there is a surprise within the crispy phyllo wrap. This brought me back to Turkey and indeed felt very Middle Eastern. A typical breakfast that you would have there!


Green pea fritters for $22. The interesting pea fritters are topped with crispy, savoury pancetta and two wonderfully poached eggs, drizzled with the savoury sweet balsamic syrup. Super delicious mains over here!


DSC_1138And if you are a vegetarian, fret not as Common Man has their Common Man Veggie Wonderland for $25. You get a big range of vege stuff here like the chewy, savoury halloumi, spinach, grilled tomatoes, huge and soft portobello shrooms, creamy avocado goodness sprinkled with some chilli over it.


Grilled juicy ‘chilli’ boneless chicken for $25. I was sold to this dish as the chicken was so fragrant and tangy with the chilli flakes and  wasn’t overly grilled at all. Just like it’s description, it’s really juicy and moist within. The refreshing avocado salsa at the side makes this mains even more wholesome!


Just finished a marathon? Then you will definitely love to get the uber hearty huge Fish Burger for $24 that is stuffed with a huge satisfying fried fish patty, creamy coconut pak choy, grilled tomatoes and creamy tartare sauce.

DSC_1144And then we moved on to the desserts which were equally memorable! Common Man Pancakes for $20. Really delicious fluffy pancakes with caramelised bananas hidden within, topped with berry coulis and nutty crumble. Salted caramel sauce which is used here gave it an edge. This was so irresistible that I finished one pancake on my own even though I was already quite full then.


Common Man Churros for $12. Love the inside of this churros as it is soft and has a chewy mochi texture. Together with the rich luscious chocolate sauce, this snack is simply addictive.

So Common Man has once again made its way to my top-few-cafes-in-Singapore list. With a nicely decorated interior and 8-meter brew bar, Common Man evidently strives to give customers the full cafe experience with its top-notch coffee and hearty, exciting meals. Quality coffee accompanied with quality meals, that simply sums up this whole cafe. Once again, really would like to thank Alexandra and Janet for this wonderful experience and cupping session!


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