Pacific Marketplace – interesting Charsiew Ms Piggy Muffin

Pacific Marketplace

Pan Pacific Hotel


After my first wonderful Easter Egg Afternoon tea with the Cambridge gang at the Marketplace and having read about the intriguing express lunch sandwiches and unique muffins promotion that they are currently having, I knew I should go for this interesting lunch again and it did impress.

Tangerine-002The express lunch over here is really reasonably priced, whereby its sandwich and salad/soup sets cost $17 each. We got the fish sandwich with the Pacific surf salad that has fresh, succulent prawns in it. The refreshing citrusy grapefruit and orange makes it even more refreshing and love the pungent fresh rocket beneath. The fish tuna sandwich was substantial but could have been better if the tuna is slightly more moist.

Tangerine-001And this is the chicken sandwich set with the fresh tuna salad. I quite like the chicken as it didn’t feel dry and simply is a good piece of sandwich there.

DSC_1187This was definitely the highlight sandwich of the day – Squid ink charcoal fluffy bread with crab salad and roes. Very refreshing sandwich over here and there was a substantial amount of crabmeat in it. It would have been even better I felt if the bread was made warm and more crusty on the outside but that may sound more like a burger.

DSC_1189This crispy fish skin was the thinnest and crispiest skin I’ve ever had. Really delicious snack over here and goes so well with the refreshing salsa. Very addictive indeed.




Then this magical muffin was ordered for $7. Called Ms Piggy Muffin, it really has a generous filling of moist, fragrant char siew in it. Muffin is super soft and fluffy and the relentless char siew aroma would rush into your nose when it’s sliced open!

TangerineAnd then, we went over to the desserts and ordered some really good ones. The cakes were all priced at $8 each.

DSC_1203Raspberry Mango cake that tasted more refreshing.

DSC_1205Love this hazelnut chocolate cake as it has a really rich, creamy chocolate moouse at the top with a super crunchy, crispy hazelnut biscuit at the bottom and middle. Very good slice of cake over here!

DSC_1207As a Japanese cuisine fanatic, how could I miss anything green tea? So I got the fragrant green tea chocolate cake. The chocolate has a stronger taste than the green tea I thought. Delicious overall but thought the matcha could have been stronger!

And yes, it was an enjoyable lunch at the Pan Pacific Marketplace. Good ambience with good and reasonably priced food, what more could you ask for. So if you are working around the CBD area, you may want to drop by Pacific Marketplace for if you are looking for a healthy, wallet-friendly express sandwich lunch!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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