Located in the really relaxing ESPA, Tangerine aims to promote healthy eating with the use of whole foods, befitting the theme of this place. It is just located opposite to Equarius hotel which houses restaurant Forest and both are helmed by celebrity chef Sam Leong.

DSC_1157We were seated by this pond and that makes you feel calm and zen.

DSC_1151So there we go, started off with the citrusy pomelo salad topped with really fresh prawns and vibrant edible flowers. This has shadows of the thai pomelo salad I felt but is much healthier as fried shallot and shallot oil is not used. Very refreshing and whets your appetite. $18.

DSC_1153Also got the chicken salad with a really well poached egg for $18. Yolk is evidently very runny and chicken breast is so moist and smooth. Good quality salad served over here! Cranberries added gave it an edge with its slight sweetness and the sauce gives it a more intense taste.

DSC_1158Got a Sous Vide Salmon with chilli sauce and fried salmon skin. The salmon was really well cooked and is slightly orangy in the middle still. Chilli makes it more tangy but I felt this main was a bit small and plain for $22.

DSC_1160Vermicelli noodle with fresh scallop for $26. Intense flavour here and yet doesn’t feel oily at all. Delicious.

DSC_1164Moving on to dessert, this is the Aloe Vera with barley and pudding for $14. It felt really much like a Thai dessert and I thought that it wasn’t really worth the price.

DSC_1163However, I enjoyed the therapeutic lemongrass jelly with berries for $14 served in a coconut. Flesh of the coconut makes this refreshing bowl of dessert more creamy and delicious!

I think it’s the first time that I had really healthy meals outside and Tangerine is a restaurant that makes delicious healthy food. But for the price and location, it may not be too convincing for me to return. Then again, if you are one who loves to have healthy food once in a blue moon, then this would be the place.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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