Moosehead Kitchen-bar

Moosehead Kitchen

Beside Telok Ayer MRT



Feels like a izakaya in Japan!DSC_1109Couldn’t have imagined but it’s really my first time going out with my ‘hipster’ parents to a bar in Singapore. Chose Moosehead Kitchen as it is said to serve creative fusion dishes. You get sharing plates spanning from the familiar western salads to a Korean Bulgogi chicken as one of your mains. Such a fusion theme is pretty apparent by just looking at the cutlery holder (that contains chopsticks, fork, knife, spoon).

DSC_1117Crispy Spiced Pig Ears for $16. This is definitely a good, crispy snack to go with beer that is made fragrant by coating it with the Indian curry spices. I thought a bigger slice of lemon could be given to give it a more refreshing edge.

DSC_1122Grilled Avocado, ajoblanco and salmon roe. $18. This creamy avocado tasted really well with the slightly salty salmon roe and creamy, tasty ajoblanco. Very interesting taste and choice of ingredients which seemingly do not have much relation with each other but still able to give an intriguing combination.

DSC_1123Thought of skipping this appetiser initially but was lucky to have ordered it in the end as it was highly recommended by the waitress. Indeed, this bacon wrapped char-grilled date is very delicious. Simple as it seems, the addictive texture of the dates together with the fragrance of the bacon makes this dish a winner. $8.

DSC_1127Secreto iberico with tomato wasabi. While the pork was nicely grilled with the meat still feeling moist and savoury, I was actually more impressed with the interestingly concocted tomato wasabi sauce. The pork was slightly salty and for the price of $28, this portion is really quite small.

DSC_1128Grilled sea bass with eggplant caviar for $28. Moist slab of fish with a crispy fragrant skin – that really is all it takes to be a well grilled slab of fish. Love the softness of the meat and this tastes comforting with the soft eggplant underneath.

DSC_1136Got the interesting beef cheek pau for $18. Pau is slightly grilled on the outside and I love that crusty texture that the pau has while the moist shredded beef cheek stuffed substantially within makes every bite really satisfying! There is also sambal chilli served at the side.

DSC_1132Beef onglet with teriyaki mushrooms, fried sweet potato and bonito. $34. Beef slices were well grilled while still retaining its pink hue within. Interestingly, this is paired with thinly sliced fried sweet potato which tasted really fragrant while the teriyaki mushrooms are so delicious. An evident asian touch to an otherwise western food and I like the vibrant colours on this plate!


DSC_1142Yummy tiramisu for $10. Love how this huge tiramisu is served in a bowl. Rich coffee infused sponge with a super creamy, smooth mascarpone and fragrant chocolate dusting, I could have finished this whole bowl on my own easily!

DSC_1144And the next dessert was the chilli pineapple ice pop with gula melaka ice cream. I thought this dish had an odd combination but still tasted very exciting. I was very intrigued by the chilli pineapple ice pop as it gives you a spicy aftertaste while the gula melaka creamy ice cream helps to sweeten things up. $14.

So if you are sick of the usual bar food and are looking for something more exciting, Moosehead kitchen is the place for you as they serve good fusion delicacies. Located really conveniently just outside Telok Ayer MRT, this place is already packed even before 7pm. I like the izakaya ambience that it has, especially when seated at the counter. Service was not bad I thought as they will constantly give you a fresh bottle of tap water.

Verdict: A good kitchen.



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