Grand Mandarin Restaurant – Good mains served

Grand Mandarin Restaurant

Near Outram MRT


This one month old Chinese fine dining restaurant have been hitting the headlines recently with its infamous juicy char siew as one of the signature dishes and the super exorbitant ‘unforgettable’ (direct translation from chinese) fish that could be as expensive as a Mont Blanc watch. As it is a celebratory treat from me, I decided to bring them here to try the signature dishes, but of course not the one that will really make this meal unforgettable. Said to be helmed by a chef from Marina Mandarin hotel, G, K and I honestly felt that they performed really well in their mains while lacklustre dim sum is served.

DSC_1112And that is the must eat honey glazed char siew for $15. Quite a generous portion with this citrusy orange sauce at the side; this char siew is really delicious with its crispy surface.

DSC_1114Curry Soft shell crab with chicken floss for $18. Tossed in fragrant curry spices, this soft tender crab has an intense taste and the chicken floss complements the crab by giving it a stronger umami. Yummy!

DSC_1122A must order tofu with crab meat and mushroom for $24. Tofu was really smooth within and tasted a little eggy as well while the fragrant mushrooms and fresh shredded crab meat make it even more delicious. I was impressed with the spinach and carrot yuan yang sauce as that gave this otherwise predictable dish a more exciting edge. Feels light, healthy yet delicious!



Vermicelli stir fried with pork collar and XO sauce. $22. Pork Collar was a little too fatty for me while I like the thick chewy springy vermicelli. Not overly salty and oily but still pretty fragrant, this vermicelli is one of my favourites.

Grand MandarinThen we ordered some dim sum. Got the prawn and scallop cheong fen (about $7 each), liu sa bao ($4.80), steamed crystal dumpling ($4.80) and the siu mai ($4.80). Dim sum here isn’t really their forte as the cheung fen and skin of the steamed dumplings are all too thick. The siu mai was delicious though with really succulent and huge prawns wrapped within. But anyhow they have this promotion now – $0.88 for any two dim sum you order. So, just get two and spend the rest on the delicious mains I suggest.

DSC_1133So we moved on to dessert which was really well made again. Chilled pumpkin puree with creamy yam ice cream for $10. This was light yet delicious as the yam ice cream makes the puree even creamier.



And I love this durian puree with coconut ice cream and red bean housed in a coconut. Everything comes together to make this dessert fragrant, sweet and creamy. A slightly heavier dessert over here, definitely appealing to the sweet tooth and I like scrapping the creamy coconut meat off the husk. Yummy!

Indubitably, this restaurant serves really good Cantonese dishes but in my opinion, lacklustre dim sum. Prices are also pretty reasonable and didn’t burn a hole in my wallet for this treat unless you decide to get the unforgettable fish. It really is a good hang out for families or even business partners and service over here is pretty good too!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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