Patisserie G

Patisserie G

Millenia Walk


It was a long and fun day out with S. Karaoke first with really powerful melodious bass, followed by dinner at Kimchi and then cakes at Patisserie G. Sounds really typical of a city dweller lifestyle, too bad we don’t have Mount Fuji to hike up or Kawaguchiko lake to swim in on weekends.

Well, it’s still a very relaxing weekend and there is this very relaxing and attractive atmosphere that Patisserie G has to offer. Located in the quieter part of the marina area, it firstly does not attract throngs of crowd and secondly the woody, lightly coloured interior would make anyone who enters it feel light-hearted.

DSC_1128We got the Hazel Opera cake for $9. I like the fragrant hazelnut taste within this multi-layered cake which also encompasses many different textures within. You have the soft smooth cream, with thick chocolate fudge and hazel nut flavoured biscuit all in one bite and that was delicious.



Had the tiramisu cake for $8.50. Texture was good and the coffee gelatin encapsulating the whole cake was fragrant as well. Mascarpone was smooth but somehow the overall seems to be a bit lighter on the coffee taste. It’s still delicious but I somehow preferred the one at Moosehead which has a heavier coffee taste.

Service was pretty good, though not much service is required at a cake place. Found the prices a little on the high side as it is as expensive as Fullerton Hotel and Pan Pacific Hotel. Nonetheless, it really is a relaxing place for busy city dwellers to chill during the weekends!

Verdict: A good cafe.


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