Golden Peony

Golden Peony

Conrad Hotel near Suntec City


A pretty classy tea set displayed at the door of Golden Peony.

It’s G’s farewell before she leaves for MIT this coming week and we decided to have something more Asian. As I am running out of places for dim sum, I thought maybe I should given Golden Peony at Conrad Hotel a go. It’s really ironic that Sg seems to lack in very good dim sum restaurants as compared to western countries like London. Have not met a place as good as Hakkasan or Yauatcha yet but am still hopeful about it! Back to topic, so, this place serves above average dim sum with some that’s worth a longer description.

DSC_1109And upon entering this classy restaurant, you get to sit in front of such a beautiful, oriental plate. Well these plates are really for decorative purposes and are soon removed by the service crew.

DSC_1111Prawn Filo pastry. Very crispy filo and there’s wasabi sauce underneath.

DSC_1112Polo char siew bun that could have been made more presentable. Taste was still OK.

DSC_1115I like this carviar scallop siu mai. Substantial filling in it and prawns were fresh while the caviar lifts the overall presentation!

DSC_1116Steamed vegetarian mushroom dim sum that has quite a sticky skin. The fillings were not fragrant enough I thought as I have had better mushroom dumplings which are really much more fragrant.

DSC_1118Abalone glutinous rice. Very small and cute abalone hidden within that didn’t enhance its taste much.

DSC_1121Fried sea perch with avocado and sweet thai chilli sauce. Crust is very crispy but taste is quite predictable.

DSC_1123Scallop bean curd that has much prawns stuffed within. Quite delicious I thought and has a light sweetness to it. However, the prawns didn’t taste genuinely fresh as they might have used soda to give it that glassy texture.

DSC_1126The crabmeat fried rice was good. Not oily at all and there’re bits of roe in it that gives you that ‘popping’ texture when you chew on it. Good bowl of rice here.

DSC_1127This portuguese chicken tarts were quite special as stretchy cheese is added to the top of the tart while the inside consists of savoury minced chicken.

So that is the dim sum for 4 of us and it was about $37 per person. Tea over there is really strong and fragrant while service is pretty good. A good hang out place for dim sum but wouldn’t consider it as one of the best dim sum that I have had in Sg.

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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