Hakata Ikkousha – Chijmes, with a small Japanese food alley

Hakata Ikkousha

Chijmes near City Hall MRT

DSC_1121After a recent facelift, Chijmes seems to be more chic and exciting now. There is literally a Japanese food alley/street now which somehow has a stunning resemblance to a ramen street that you get just outside Tokyo station. I really love how this small alley is littered with and only with Japanese restaurants like Tatsu, Ikkousha, shirokiya etc. Really hope to see more of such streets springing up in Singapore. Coincidentally I will be returning to Chijmes again tomorrow for the other Japanese restaurant.

DSC_1112We decided to have the super famous Hakata Ikkousha which I first visited at Bugis+ ramen champion. Having won the ramen champion twice consecutively, this ramen stall has indeed been a hot favourite among tonkotsu fans.

DSC_1111Free hard boil eggs to go with the thick broth.



So originating from the Fukuoka region of Japan, Hakata Ikkousha serves super delicious tonkotsu ramen with premium, thick, creamy broth. You get to choose the texture of your noodles and I got the hard one. It was springy but not Q enough for me so I shall get the very hard one in future. I like the fact that you can semi-customise your bowl of ramen goodness according to your own preference. Got the special ramen and I love the generous, tasty char siew served! $16.

DSC_1118Long time no see K got a char siew don for $3.50 and it looked like a change of carbohydrates.

DSC_1120This plate of gyoza was nicely grilled and I like the chilli sauce with yuzu pepper served as it is refreshingly spicy.

So if you are up for an unhealthy bowl of tonkotsu ramen, then go for the tastiest one – Ikkousha as it will make the calories gained worthy. Really delicious ramen served over here but an interesting thing is it is much more expensive than what you get in Japan as you can get a good bowl of ramen easily under or at $10. Can’t wait to go back to the ramen alley at Tokyo station end of this year!

Verdict: A good restaurant!

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